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Dr Peary Brug

Subject Lead - Psychology

Dr Peary Brug

About Research

Tel: 020 8240 4342


Before coming to St Mary’s, Peary was previously at Royal Holloway as a postdoctoral researcher and at Utrecht University in the Netherlands as a visiting lecturer and researcher. Peary’s teaching focuses mainly on social psychology, including political psychology and human relationships. He is also involved in the teaching of research methods and individual differences.

Administrative responsibilities:

  • Personal Tutor
  • University Ethics Subcommittee
  • Alumni Relations in Psychology


  • PSY6001 – Independent Project
  • PSY6011 – Psychology of Education
  • PSY6012 – Political Psychology
  • PSY6028 – Psychopathology and Deviant Behaviour
  • PSY5008 – Social Brain (Contributor)
  • PSY5009 – Developing Mind (Contributor)


Research profile


Research interests focus on developing a better understanding of the social psychological impact that integration has on majority and minority groups in Western cultures. Much of the research investigates this issue among adolescents; investigating ethnic and national identification among this population.

Other areas of interest include educational attainment among ethnic and under-represented youth. To this extent he has been involved with an international research group that focuses on diversity in higher education.

Further interests:

  • Black European Studies
  • Race, Ethnicity and Intergroup Attitudes
  • Social Identity
  • Team Dynamics in Sports

Professional memberships:

  • Society for Personality and Social Psychology
  • International Society of Political Psychology
  • Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues

Recent Publications:

  • Mugabe, C., Brug, P. & Catling, J. (2016) Cross-Cultural difference in Academic Motivation, Academic Self-Esteem, and Upward Social Mobility within a student cohort. Psychology Teaching Review, 22, 53-68.
  • Brug, P. & Oliver, T.L. (2010). To go or not to go: Access and barriers to ethnic minority participation in higher education within the United Kingdom. In B. McGaw, E. Baker & P. L. Peterson (Eds.) International Encyclopaedia of Education, 3rd Edition. Oxford: Elsevier.
  • Wandert, T., Ochsmann, R., Brug, P., Chybicka, A., Lacassagne, M. & Verkuyten, M. (2009) Black German identities: Validating the multidimensional inventory of black identity. Journal of Black Psychology, 35, 456-484.
  • Brug, P. & Verkuyten, M. (2007). Dealing with cultural diversity: The endorsement of societal models among ethnic minority and majority youth in the Netherlands. Youth and Society 39, 112-131.


Media enquiries

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