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Philip Booth

Director of Research & Public Engagement
Professor of Finance, Public Policy and Ethics

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As well as Director of Research and Public Engagement within the university, Philip helps to develop curricula and teaches in fields such as political economy, business ethics and Catholic social teaching.

Professional Qualifications and affiliations

  • Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries, 1991 onwards
  • Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society, 1990 onwards
  • Certificate of Finance and Investment of the Institute of Actuaries, 1989
  • Honorary Member of the Society of Actuaries of Poland, 1997 onwards
  • Fellow, Blackfriars Hall, University of Oxford, 2010-2011
  • Member, the Mont Pelerin Society, 2007 onwards

Previous Experience

  • Academic and Research Director, Institute of Economic Affairs (2002-2016)
  • Previously Professor of Insurance and Risk Management, Cass Business School and other positions within City University, 1988-2015
  • Associate Dean, City University Business School 2001–2002
  • Adviser on Financial Stability to the Bank of England 1998-2002                                


Philip is currently researching public choice economics and tax and benefit systems; state pensions systems and inter-generational problems; Catholic social teaching and ethical behaviour in business; and the development of private regulatory institutions within investment markets.

He is also available to supervise PhD students in these and potentially other areas.

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Publication highlights

  • Booth P. M. (2017), Is the State the Solution to Individualism? An analysis from Catholic social teaching, in Wood B. (ed), Renewing the Self: Religious Perspectives on Individuals and Communities, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle, UK.
  • Alves A. A., Booth P. M. and Fryzel B. (2017), Business Culture and Corporate Social Responsibility: an Analysis in the Light of Catholic Social Teaching with an Application to Whistle Blowing, Heythrop Journal, (accepted for publication).
  • Booth, Philip Mark (2017) Property Rights and Conservation - the missing theme of Laudato si'. Independent Review, 21 (3). pp. 1-20.
  • Booth, P. M. ed (2016), In Focus – the case for privatising the BBC, Hobart Paperback 182, Institute of Economic Affairs, London, UK.
  • Booth, P. M. and Davies, Stephen (2016) Rules and Order without the State. In: Palmer, Tom, (ed.) Self-Control or State Control - you decide. Jameson Books, Washington DC, pp. 78-99.
  • Booth, P. M. (ed) (2016) Dottrina sociale cattolica ed economia di mercato (Catholic social teaching and the market economy - Italian edition). liberlibri, Milano, Italia. ISBN 978-88-98094-29-5
  • Booth P. M. (2015), Federal Britain – the case for decentralisation, Readings in Political Economy 3, Institute of Economic Affairs, London, UK.
  • Booth P. M. (2015), Pluralism and the Common Good in a Market Economy, in Together for the Common Good: towards a national conversation, McGrail P. and Sagovsky N. (ed), SCM Press, London, UK.
  • Booth P. M. and Davies S. (2015), Price Ceilings in Financial Markets, in Coyne C. and Coyne R. Price Controls and the Damage they Cause, Hobart Paperback 179, Institute of Economic Affairs, London, UK.
  • Booth P M (2014), 'Monetary policy, asset prices and financial institutions', Annals of Actuarial Science, 8(1), p.9-41
  • Booth P M ed. (2014), 'Catholic Social Teaching and the Market Economy' 2nd edition, London, UK: St. Paul's, p.496, ISBN 978-0-85439-837-9 (also published in Slovene)
  • Booth P M (2014), Margaret Thatcher e la rivoluzione dei mercati finanziari’, Ventunesimo Secolo, n. 35, 2014, pp. 61-78
  • Booth P M (2014), Stock Exchanges as Lighthouses, Man and the Economy, 1(2), 171-188 (memorial issue for Prof. Ronald Coase).
  • Booth P M (ed) (2013), 'The Euro - the beginning, the middle...and the end?', London: Institute of Economic Affairs (Hobart Paperback 39), p.216, ISBN 0255366809
  • Booth P M (2013), 'State Pension Reform in a Public Choice Framework', North American Actuarial Journal, 17(1), p.82-97.
  • Booth P M and Christiaan Alting von Geusau (2013), 'Catholic Education in the West - Roots, Reality and Revival', Michigan, US: The Acton Institute, p.86, ISBN 978-1-938948-57-2
  • Booth P M (2012), 'The crash of 2008: a discussion of its causes and their relationship to ethical issues' in Samuel Gregg and Harold James (ed.), Natural Law, Economics and the Common Good, Imprint Academic, p.227-243.
  • Booth P M (ed) (2010), 'Christian Perspectives on the Financial Crash', London: St Pauls, ISBN 9780854397679
  • Booth P M (2010), 'Ethical Dilemmas for Large Corporations in Under-developed Countries' in Barbara Fyzel and Paul Dembinski (ed.), The Role of Large Enterprises in Democracy and Society, UK: Macmillan, ISBN 9780230229181
  • Booth P M (2010), 'The Crash of 2008 - A Discussion of the Causes and Relationship with Ethical Issues', Finance et bien commun (Finance and the Common Good), 36(1), p.39-53
  • Booth P M (2009), 'Learning from the crash, and teaching after it' in Samuel Gregg and James Stoner (ed.), Profit, Prudence and Virtue: essays in ethics and business management, UK and US: Imprint Academic, ISBN 978184540159753490
  • Booth P M (2009), 'Government, Solidarity and Subsidiarity' in Nick Spencer and Jonathan Chaplin (ed.), God and Government, London, UK: SPCK, ISBN 9780281060719
  • Booth P M, Wellings R (ed) (2009), 'Globalization and Free Trade', UK: Edward Elgar, p.713, ISBN 978-1-84844-575-8
  • Booth P M (2008), 'Modern Business and its Moral and Ethical Dilemmas in a Globalized World' in Ian Harper and Samuel Gregg (ed.), Christian Theology and Market Economics, UK: Edward Elgar, p.129-145, ISBN 9781847203779
  • Booth P. M. (2007), '“Freedom with Publicity” – the actuarial profession and insurance regulation from 1844-1945', Annals of Actuarial Science, 2(1), p.115-146
  • Booth P. M., Morrison A. (2007), 'Regulatory Competition and Life Insurance Solvency Regulation in the EU and the USA', North American Actuarial Journal, 11, p.23-41
  • Booth P. M. and Kent Matthews (ed) (2006), 'Issues in Monetary Policy: the relationship between money and financial markets', UK: Wiley, p.210 pages
  • Booth P. M., Meadowcroft J. (ed) (2006), 'The Road to Economic Freedom (two volumes)', Edward Elgar, p.960

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Areas of expertise: Economics, public policy, monetary Policy, business ethics, Catholic social teaching

Prof Philip Booth has previously worked as Academic and Research Director at the Institute of Economic Affairs, a leading public policy think tank as well as for Cass Business School and the Bank of England. He has published and commented widely on Catholic social teaching, public policy, financial regulation and pensions. Philip has frequently appeared before Parliamentary Select Committees on issues ranging from the future of the UK constitution to monetary and fiscal policy and foreign aid.

Media Experience: Radio interview, recorded/live/Skype TV interview, quote/interview for news/magazine article, blog, newspaper column, editorial

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Sam Yarnold
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