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Rishi Patel

Senior lecturer in Exercise Physiology
Course Lead for BSc Sport and Exercise science

About Research



Rishi Patel is a senior lecturer in exercise physiology and the course lead for the BSc in Sport and Exercise Science. He has achieved a BSc in Sport Science and a PhD in Exercise Physiology. Rishi’s PhD titled “The Efficacy of Cocoa Flavanol Supplementation as an Ergogenic Aid for Exercise and Performance” has shaped much of his research interests looking at vasodilative supplements on sport performance. 


Research profile

Rishi’s principal research interests lie in the effects of ergogenic aids and thermoregulation for enhancing sports performance.

Article publications

Patel, R. K., Brouner, J. and Spendiff, O. (2015) Dark Chocolate Supplementation Reduces the Oxygen Cost of Moderate Intensity Cycling. Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, 12(1), p.47.

Patel, R.K., Brouner, J., Allgrove, J.E. and Spendiff, O., 2020. The influence of different concentrations of flavanol chocolate bars under acute supplement conditions on exercise and performance. European journal of applied physiology, 120(9), pp.2075-2082.

Abstract publications

Patel RK, Brouner J, Spendiff O. The Effects of Dark Chocolate Consumption on Exercise Tolerance and Performance in Cycling. ACSM 2014; 0608; Abstract 2033.

Conference presentations

2014 The 62nd Annual ACSM conference May 27-31, 2014 Orlando, FL. Poster presentation. Patel RK, Brouner, J. and Spendiff, O. The Effects of Dark Chocolate Consumption on Exercise Tolerance and Performance in Cycling. 

Areas of expertise

Rishi's studies have resulted in more than 50 print and online articles being published globally regarding the positive effects of dark chocolate. Several media outlets have also covered the topic including US Television News Stations; News 12 Long Island in New York and ABC in Phoenix, Arizona.

Media enquiries

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