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Dr Ross Wadey

Reader in Sport Psychology

Dr Ross Wadey

Tel: 020 8240 4177

About Research


Ross Wadey is a Reader in Sport Psychology at St Mary’s University, Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, Chair of the ‘Injury and Well-Being Research Group’, and a LimbPower Trustee.


He received his PhD from Cardiff Metropolitan University in 2009, which won the Association of Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) international award for research of outstanding merit.

Ross’s research now involves working with external stakeholders (eg, NHS, charities, and sporting and non-sporting organisations) to develop programmes of research that meet their needs.

Currently, his research is at the intersection of psychology and sociology, and at the forefront of advancing knowledge on three complimentary themes:

  1. well-being following amputation(s) and the role of physical activity
  2. prevention of, and rehabilitation from, sporting injuries
  3. post-traumatic growth following adversity

By invitation, Ross has been honoured to present his work at various locations (eg Headley Court, Wellington Hospital, Queen Mary's Hospital, Guy's Hospital), where he has often left inspired by stories of human resilience and friendship.

PhD students

  • Dr Simon Crampton (completed 2015)
  • Dr Jade Salim (completed 2015)
  • Dr Francesca Cavallerio (completed 2016)
  • Dr Kylie Roy (completed 2017)
  • Ms Kimberley Humphreys
  • Mr Giampaolo Santi
  • Mr Enda King
  • Ms Phoebe Sanders
  • Ms Hannah Levi
  • Mr John Downey
  • Mr Chris Hammer

If you’re interested in doing a PhD with Ross, please contact him directly.


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Conference presentations

Ross has presented over 60 times at national and international conferences. He was also extremely proud to be on the committee for the 5th International Conference on Qualitative Research in Sport and Exercise at the University of Chichester, and is now busy working with the committee on the 6th International Conference at the University of British Columbia (@QRSE2018).

Media enquiries

For media enquiries, please contact our Press Office Team by emailling or calling 020 8240 8262.