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Ms Sara Altaf

Lecturer - Business Management

Ms Sara Altaf

About Research



Sara is an accomplished educator with a wealth of experience spanning both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, acquired through teaching engagements both internationally and within the UK. Currently pursuing her Ph.D., Sara brings a unique blend of academic rigor and practical insight to her teaching approach. Her dedication to the field of Human Resource Management (HRM), with a specific focus on performance management, organizational behavior, and social psychology, underscores her commitment to advancing both teaching and research within this domain.

Areas of Expertise

Human Resource Management: With a specialized focus on HRM, Sara is well-versed in the principles, practices, and challenges associated with managing human capital within organizations. Her expertise extends across various HR functions, including recruitment, training, performance evaluation, and employee relations , organizational behavior and social psychology.

In addition to her teaching responsibilities, Sara actively engages in research supervision, guiding postgraduate students in their academic pursuits. Drawing upon her own experiences as a doctoral candidate, she provides mentorship, feedback, and support to help students navigate the research process, from conceptualization to publication. Through her guidance, Sara seeks to cultivate a new generation of scholars equipped with the skills and insights necessary to make meaningful contributions to the field of HRM.


Research profile

Sara is a driven and passionate researcher currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology, where she focuses on investigating human behavior within various organizational contexts. Her research interests lie at the intersection of psychology and management, with a specific emphasis on understanding the psychological mechanisms that influence individual and group dynamics in the workplace. With a track record of presenting at international conferences and several research publications in the area of performance evaluation, Sara is dedicated to advancing scholarly knowledge and practical insights in her field.

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