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Sarah Brooks

Head of Initial Teachers Education

Sarah Brooks

About Research

Tel: 020 8240 4288


Sarah has dedicated nearly two decades to St Mary’s within the Education department, showcasing her commitment and passion through a diverse array of roles, and currently serving as the head of initial teacher education.

Her tenure at St Mary’s has been marked by versatility, ranging from programme director to academic director, showcasing her adaptability and leadership skills. The pinnacle of her career at the University is her current role as the head of initial teacher education, where she oversees all routes into teaching.

One of Sarah's most notable achievements is the creation of a unique and widely respected cluster of work-based route programs within the primary education domain. These programs allow individuals to obtain a degree and qualified teacher status while concurrently employed. Her visionary approach has not only benefited those within the St Mary’s community but has extended beyond by fostering relationships with FE colleges, thereby facilitating access to lifelong learning.

Sarah is deeply committed to inclusive education. She channels her passion into ensuring that children with specific individual learning needs receive the requisite resources and support to access quality education. Her impact is evident in the partnerships she has formed with schools, where she collaborates to enhance the skill sets of teaching assistants and create an environment conducive to optimal learning.

Externally, Sarah has made significant contributions, working alongside OFSTED inspection teams, supporting the development of SATs materials, and serving as a leading mathematics teacher for the local education authority. Her expertise was recognized by the Edexcel examination board, where she was invited to contribute ideas and model best practices for effective mathematics teaching. As a local authority advisor, she championed the cause of each individual child reaching their full potential, aligning with her involvement in the Healthy Schools program, which aimed to promote a healthy lifestyle within the educational setting.


Research profile

Sarah has a BA (Hons) in History with QTS and a master’s in Education. She is a senior fellow of Higher Education Academy and a Designated Safeguarding Officer.

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