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Shaun Joffe

Lecturer - Strength and Conditioning Science

About Research



Shaun is a lecturer and course lead for the Strength and Conditioning Science BSc (Hons) programme. He has a degree in sport and coaching science from Bucks New University and a Masters in strength and conditioning from the University of Edinburgh.

He is currently working toward a PhD by publication through St Mary’s University, focusing on the physical determinants of weightlifting performance.

Shaun joined St Mary’s in 2018, having previously worked as a strength and conditioning coach at the English Institute of Sport for seven years, supporting a range of British Olympic and Paralympic sports including hockey, para-rowing, weightlifting, and para-powerlifting.

He continues to coach several national and international level weightlifters.


Research profile

Shaun’s main research focus is on the biomechanical and physiological determinants of weightlifting performance and how these direct the use of specific training methods.

He also specialises in the diagnostic assessment of strength characteristics of athletes through force platforms and other technology.


Joffe, S. A., & Tallent, J. (2020). Neuromuscular predictors of competition performance in advanced international female weightlifters: A cross-sectional and longitudinal analysis. Journal of sports sciences, 38(9), 985-993.

Joffe, S. A. Price, P. Tallent, J. (2021). Maximal isometric force at the start of the first pull exhibits greater correlations with weightlifting performance than the mid-thigh position in national and international weightlifters. Journal of Sport & Exercise Science, 5(3) 202-211

Kilgallon, J., Cushion, E., Joffe, S., & Tallent, J. (2022). Reliability and validity of velocity measures and regression methods to predict maximal strength ability in the back-squat using a novel linear position transducer. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part P: Journal of Sports Engineering and Technology, 17543371221093189.

Kilgallon, J. Cave, J. Cushion, E. Joffe, S. A. Tallent, J. (2022). Reliability of the Coach’s Eye goniometer application during squat exercise. Central European Journal of Sport Sciences and Medicine.


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