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Dr Stephen Patterson

Reader - Sport Science

Dr Stephen Patterson

About Research



Stephen is an Associate Professor in Applied Exercise Physiology & Performance. He is currently the Director of the Centre for Applied Performance Sciences within the Faculty. He joined St Marys in 2009 having previously graduated with a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science from Napier University, Edinburgh (2005) before completing an MSc in Medicine and Science in Sport and Exercise from Strathclyde University in Glasgow (2006). He then moved to Loughborough University where he completed his PhD specialising on the responses and adaptations to exercise with blood flow restriction.


Stephens’s research fits into two main themes of Health and Sports Performance with significant overlap between the two. He works with external stakeholders and industry partners to address questions and research that meets their needs. His main research focuses on the following:

  • Blood flow restriction training for rehabilitation and performance
  • Ischemic Preconditioning
  • Physiology of team sports

PhD Students

  • Jonathan Griffin (PhD student: St Marys University / Surrey University) – “The effect Ischemic Preconditioning on parameters of athletic performance” – (Completed - January 2017)
  • Luke Hughes (PhD student: St Marys University / Liverpool Hope) – “Blood flow restriction as a clinical rehabilitation tool.” – (Completed - January 2019). Currently Post doctoral researcher at St Marys.
  • Paul Head (PhD student: St Mary's University / Liverpool Hope) - "The efficacy of blood flow restriction training in clinical populations." – Director of Studies
  • Luke Woodhouse (PhD Student: St Marys University / Liverpool Hope) – “The physical and fitness characteristics of elite female rugby players and the relationships to match performance”. – Director of Studies
  • Nasir Uddin (PhD Student: St Marys University / Liverpool Hope) – “Central and Peripheral Modulations following Hypo-hydration and Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries in combat athletes.”. – Director of Studies
  • Paul Hough (PhD Student: St Marys University / Liverpool Hope) – “ The assessment of psychomotor vigilance performance following circadian rhythm misalignment in elite athletes and skilled performers” – Supervisor
  • David Silver (PhD student: St Marys University / Surrey University) – “Concussion in youth rugby”. – Director of studies
  • Jourdain Benstead-Banthorpe (PhD student: St Marys / Liverpool Hope) – “The effect of blood flow restriction training on individuals with patellofemoral pain syndrome” – Director of Studies
  • Jamie Farrell (PhD Student: St Marys University / Liverpool Hope) – “The use of blood flow restriction in lower back pain patients” – Director of Studies.

Research Publications


If you’re interested in doing a PhD with Stephen or have any queries about his research, please contact him via:

Twitter: Stephen_patt

Media enquiries

For media enquiries, please contact our Press Office Team by emailling