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Dr Tom Williams

Lecturer in Sport Psychology

Dr Tom Williams

About Research

Tel: 020 8240 4276


Tom completed his PhD in the psychology of sport injury in 2020 from Cardiff Metropolitan University. His research centres on the role of psychosocial factors on recovery outcomes following sports injuries. In addition to his research experience, Tom has conducted a significant amount of applied sport psychology practice, which includes working with professional and international athletes in preparation for major tournaments (e.g., World Cups and Commonwealth Games).


Research profile

Research Group Affiliation 

Centre for Applied Performance Science(Injury and Rehabilitation)

Twitter : @StMarys_CAPS

Williams, T.,
Evans, L., Robertson, A., Hardy, L., Roy, S., & Lewis, D. (2021). Distinguishing characteristics between high and low adherence patients following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: A qualitative examination. The Sport Psychologist, 36, 61-72.

Smothers, N., Cropley, B., Hanton, S., McKay, A., & Williams, T. (2021). (Re)conceptualising effective teaching in further education: An exploratory study. Journal of Further and Higher Education.

Williams, T., Evans, L., Hardy., L., Robertson, A, Roy, S., Lewis, D., & Glendinning, F. (2020). The role of optimism and psychosocial factors in athletes from ACL injury: A longitudinal study. Frontiers in Sports and Active Living, 2:116.

Cropley, B., Baldock, L., Hanton, S., Gucciardi, D., McKay, A., Neil, R., & Williams, T. (2020). Learning to thrive in sport: A multi-study exploration of the development of hardiness in sport coaches. Frontiers in Psychology, 11:1823.

Williams, T., Burley, D., Evans, L, Robertson, A., Hardy, L., Roy, S., & Lewis, D. (2020). The structural validity of the IKDC and its relationship with quality of life following ACL reconstruction. Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports. 30, 1748–1757.


Invited Book Chapters

Griffin, L., Moll, T., Williams, T., & Evans, L. (2020). Rehabilitation from sport injury: A social support perspective. In Z. Zenko & L. Jones (Eds.), Essentials of Exercise and Sport Psychology: An Open Access Textbook (pp. 734-758). Society for the Transparency, Openness, and Replication in Kinesiology.

Ledingham, K., Williams, T., & Evans, L. (2020). Experimental psychological response to injury studies: Why so few? In R. Wadey (Ed.), Sport Injury Psychology: Cultural, Relational, Methodological, and Applied Considerations (pp. 155-171). Routledge.

Williams, T., Evans, L., & Robertson, A. R., (2014). Psychological factors in the recovery from reconstructive surgery. British Association of Sport and Exercise Medicine Newsletter, 29, 15.

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