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Dr Zin Derfoufi

Lecturer - Criminology and Sociology

Dr Zin Derfoufi

About Research



Dr. Zin Derfoufi is a lecturer in Criminology and Sociology. His research blends psychology and sociology to understand why and how people organise on urgent social issues - whether in partnership with state authorities or independently of them. In recent years, his focus has been on policing and security issues. He is also an advisor to various community groups and policing bodies.


Research profile

Zin is currently working on the following two projects.

Tackling Serious Youth Violence

Working with local government, health and policing bodies, this project aims to understand patterns of serious youth violence (such as guns or knife-related) and identify ways of tackling their root causes, including through a public health approach. Our key aim is to also empower community groups, charities and families to use their influence to help both victims and offenders of serious violence. This project is generously funded by St Mary’s University, London.

Communities-led counterterrorism

This project aims to support civic groups to understand violent extremism; global and local changes in terrorist threats; and learn from international best practice on how non-government actors challenge violent narratives. We also aim to develop an evidence base on how civil society groups across the United Kingdom are themselves self-organising to challenge violent extremism.

Research Outputs

Derfoufi, Z. (2020) Radicalization’s Core, Terrorism and Political Violence. Read here.

Quinlan, T. L. & Derfoufi, Z. (2015) Counter-Terrorism Policing in Delsol, R. & Shiner, M. (eds) Stop and Search: The Anatomy of a Police Power. Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan. Read here.

Media enquiries

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