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Amalie Skjelvand

Degree studied: Creative and Professional Writing

As we know the university experience is not just about the university itself. That is what makes St Mary’s so great. It is located right by the Thames with beautiful parks all around. Twickenham is a quiet and peaceful town with all the shops you need as well as Kingston which has lively nightlife nearby and busy central London is just half an hour away by train.

The scariest thing about studying abroad, or studying anywhere I suppose, is the terrorising thought of not making friends. Before I came to St Mary’s I was very shy, I didn’t talk at all. Coming here forced me out of my comfort zone without me even realising it.

I made new friends who were just as scared as I was, I came out of my shell which made me talk more in class and to others in general. A larger university can often be very overwhelming, but because of St Mary’s small size it is much easier for the staff to take care of you as an individual. You get more attention in class and maybe less, but much closer friends.

Studying Creative and Professional Writing at St Mary’s has been very beneficial for my writing. As I said, because of its size the teachers can focus on each student much easier. They also encourage a lot of self-studying like reading and writing in your free time. The classes are easy to follow even for us who have a different first language.

I feel relaxed and comfortable in all of my lectures and all the teachers are very nice and patient. If I ever feel stressed about an assignment, I always schedule an appointment with them because they are more than willing to help. I feel like I have grown as a person and as a student in only a year and I am proud to call myself a Simmie.

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