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Anthony O'Reilly

Degree studied: History and Philosophy BA

Getting involved at St Mary's

I studied History and Philosophy as an undergraduate at St Mary’s. I enjoyed how friendly and approachable the lecturers were on my course; they always seemed willing to help.

The course taught me a lot about how to write a cohesive essay and I truly felt that my academic ability increased throughout each year of study.

I chose to come to St Mary’s initially for a number of reasons. Firstly, I really liked the course from what I had read about it in the prospective. I had also heard a lot about St Mary’s as a community and upon arriving here, the community feel certainly lived up to its name.

I like the community feel about St Mary’s. The University is a truly welcoming place where it seems everyone knows everyone.

St Mary’s is located perfectly and that was a major factor. It allows you to live in London whilst still being in a tranquil setting. The location of the University certainly means that London is your oyster!

It was very encouraging to see that there were other students who approached certain aspects of life in a similar manner to me and that was very reassuring.

As a student I joined the Labour Society and went to some of the guest lectures hosted by the Philosophy department. I was also a Student Senior Resident in my final year.

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