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Why did you choose St Mary's University?

I remember, firstly, on the Open Day when I came here, I spoke to the lecturers before going to a subject talk. When I got to the subject talk, the lecturers remembered who I was, what I was interested in, what I’d been writing about in my A-level coursework, that kind of thing. That made me feel quite included or quite welcomed already.

Also, just because it's a small university - I think I'd feel more confident, more comfortable in a smaller environment.

What are your favourite things about St Mary's?

That community feeling. Because the classes are small, you get to know your coursemates and lecturers really well. You can't go very far without seeing someone to chat to or seeing someone you know.

Do you have any favourite memories as a Simmie?

Hmm... Some of the awards the past few years. Mainly because I've won an award, to be a bit biased. But it's also just nice because St Mary's do these awards quite nicely. You get your award and you also get told who nominated you, why they nominated you. It's nice to see all this good stuff others have to say.

How has St Mary's helped you personally?

If you met me three years ago, I was not the person I’m like now confident-wise. I was very quiet, very reserved. But St Mary’s has given me so many opportunities, like being a Student Ambassador, like being a Senior Resident. How these things are run are also quite unique: you get to know more people, you get to know the staff, you get to know various people across the uni. I'm more confident about putting myself out there.

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