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Eleanor Toomey

Degree studied: Law LLB

A smaller university with more tailored support

How was your time at St Mary's?

I really enjoyed my time at St Mary’s from both and an academic and social standpoint. 

What was unique about St Mary's Law programme?

As St Mary’s is a smaller university, you are able to receive more tailored support with your studies and you felt like your tutors knew who you were and where able to assist you more specifically, rather than just receiving general advice.

How did you find the lectures?

I really enjoyed the lecture sizes as you still felt that you were able to ask questions in lectures. I also found it helpful for lecture presentations to be released before or during the lecture so you could annotate them.

How was the social life at St Mary's? Were you helped to find friend groups in any way?

Yes, having a senior resident in halls had a huge impact on that initial integration and finding friends.

Did you take part in extracurricular activities?

Yes, I was a part of the law society, rugby team and commercial awareness group.

How were the library facilities?

I thought the services were really good.

What modules did you particularly enjoy and why?

EU law - Medical law and ethics - Jurisprudence

What skills did you develop through your degree?

Debating - Public speaking - Basic higher level academic skills - Working collaboratively - Networking.

What do you want to do in the future and how did St Mary's prepare you for this?

A solicitor. St Mary's provided support from tutors and held events such as the law fair, networking sessions etc.

Do you feel St Mary's upheld equality, diversity and inclusivity- in what way?

Yes, at all events individuals from a variety of backgrounds were represented.

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