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I lived on campus because I knew it’d be a really good way to meet people and get stuck into University life, but I’ve also loved the fact that doing a placement has meant I could be closer to home for a bit.

I think St Mary’s has given me much more confidence in my teaching ability and I think that, in a year’s time, I’d be quite happy taking charge of a whole classroom. My tutor and lecturers have been so supportive – and they support you because they want you to achieve.

The support is there, if you’re doing well independently then great – but if you are struggling there’s always someone you can speak to. Most of my tutors reply on the same day. If I’d gone to a much bigger uni I don’t think I’d have got that, whereas in a small community I think you get better support.

There’s no need to worry about making friends because you won’t need to force it, it will happen naturally.

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