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Georgina Malone

After completing my Leaving Certificate, I studied a BA degree in Irish and Geography at Maynooth University. My ambition was to secure a place on a primary teaching course.

Initially, I chose St Mary’s due to their outstanding reputation in teacher training. The moment I contacted the university last year to enquire about the PGCE course, they were extremely encouraging and positive to talk to and from then, my mind was made up.

I am now halfway through the year and I have made huge progress developing as a teacher whilst also maturing and growing as an adult.

St Mary’s University is unique in so many ways and for me, what makes them so special is their devoted staff. My tutors have made the effort to get to know me on a personal level and they are always there if I need constructive advice or even just a chat. This is a huge comfort for me, especially when I don’t have family close by to seek advice.

To any Irish candidates who are considering studying with St Mary’s, it is a brilliant route to take and I am incredibly glad that I have done so. Although it is a new country, it is like a home away from home!

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