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Dr James Rumbold

Degree studied: Psychology

My reasons to study at St Mary's were based on both my academic and sporting interests at the time. From an academic perspective, I was interested in sport psychology, so wanted to undertake a course that enabled me to study both psychology and sport science.

In those days, there were not many courses in the country that provided the opportunity to undertake a joint honours (at least in these subjects combined). This was important since BASES accreditation as a sport and exercise scientist requires an undergraduate education in sport and exercise science and BPS accreditation/chartership as a sport and exercise psychologist requires you to have an undergraduate education in psychology.

Finally, as a keen sportsman, I wanted to go to a university where I could study the areas that I was interested in, whilst having an optimal sporting environment to support my sport aspirations as a nationally ranked athlete.

The psychology course at St Mary’s provided me with knowledge of a broad range of topics that fuelled my interest in further study. The lecturers also taught the topics in very friendly, non-threatening and interesting ways which still influences the way that I approach teaching students in lectures and seminars today.

I deliver lectures and seminars in the areas of sport and exercise psychology, sport coaching and research methods to undergraduate and postgraduate students at Sheffield Hallam University. I also supervise student research projects in these related areas. My role allows me to conduct my own independent research in areas that interest me, which is important for informing our teaching at Sheffield Hallam.

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