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Why should students study creative writing at St Mary’s?

Students should come and study creative writing at St Mary’s because it is a great course with professors who are passionate about what they are teaching and who want to help students improve as writers. Students get to be in an environment which makes it possible for them to study what they enjoy in a fun and engaging way. The course is filled with people with a passion for stories and writing, which makes it easy to make new friends.

What do you most enjoy about studying Creative & Professional Writing?

I get to be in an environment that helps me develop as a writer as well as meeting new people who enjoy stories and writing as much as I do, both other students and professors.

Any favourite modules?

Introduction to Narrative and The Publishing Industry are among my favourites.

I enjoyed giving and receiving feedback from other students as a part of the writing workshops in Introduction to Narrative. I found this fun and helpful. The Publishing Industry gave me insight into writing as a business. I enjoyed listening to guest speakers talk about their experiences in the industry.

What is best about the teaching on the course?

The best thing about the teaching on the course is that the professors are passionate about the subject they teach and that they care about their students. At my previous university in Norway, the professors cared more about the subject and not so much about helping students learn and improve. I feel a big difference here where the professors want you to succeed and do your best. There are also multiple accessible services that I have found helpful, like individual tutorials and the Royal Literary Fund Fellow.

What do you hope to do with your writing in the long term?

I hope to write and publish novels and short stories.

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