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Jonathan Reid

My overall experience at St Mary’s was excellent. The combination of academics, sport and living close to the centre of London was a great benefit to me. Being taught by such great and personable lecturers made me feel like among the hundreds of students and that I really matter. Living and studying on a campus full of life and energy allowed me to grow as a person but also grow as an academic.

The transport links within the local area were great with Strawberry Hill Station being a seven-minute walk away, in addition to train stations nearby like Teddington and Twickenham. There are various shops in both Twickenham and nearby Teddington and the Bentalls centre in Kingston all house very affordable items, alongside restaurants, gyms and cinemas.

Since graduating from St Mary’s, I went on to study a Masters degree at Loughborough University in Sports Business and Leadership. This was then followed by an opportunity to work for Chelsea Football Club, where I have been for the last three years. My degrees in Physical and Sport Education & Health, Exercise and Physical Activity, have all helped me during my time at Chelsea Football club. Through working with students and young athletes on a daily basis, I am directly using the skills taught to me during my days at St Mary’s University.

In my time away from St Mary’s University, I have met a lot of people who at some stage in their lives decided to study at St Mary’s. The University is famed for its ability to create leaders in many fields. I always say that home teaches us how to be good people but St Mary’s teaches you how to be a good person with purpose. If you're looking to find some type of purpose or direction, St Mary’s is the place to be.

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