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Marie Flore

My time at St Mary's University was truly an unforgettable experience.

An engaging course and lots of personal growth

The LLM program was immersive, providing us with a diverse range of materials to engage with. The professors were not only qualified but also remarkably approachable and supportive.

The dissertation, a cornerstone of the program, provided a great opportunity for personal growth, fostering my rigor and analytical skills. The freedom granted to students in conducting their dissertations was a testament to the University's commitment to encourage independent thinking and exploration. I am particularly grateful for the guidance and support provided by Richard Twycross-Lewis and Anush Ganesh, whose mentorship greatly contributed to my academic and personal development.

A vibrant campus life

Beyond the academic rigor, St Mary's University offered a vibrant campus life with a lot of activities to participate in. I personally enjoyed taking part in various sports like tennis and dance.

I particularly appreciate the deep involvement of St Mary’s professors in the University life. I had the privilege of participating in mock trials under the guidance of Lars Mosesson and Anush Ganesh, which was an incredibly engaging experience, providing practical insights into the world of law.

My experience at St Mary's University not only enriched my academic journey but also helped me develop a well-rounded perspective, preparing me for the complexities of the professional world.

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