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Meg Griessel graduated from St Mary’s University with a First Class degree in History and has just completed the MA Public History programme, achieving a Distinction. We caught up with Meg – who is still at St Mary’s, working with school and college students and studying for a PhD in History.  

What made you choose St Mary’s?

I chose St Mary’s because of its London location. I knew I wanted to study history, so being connected to the capital would give me access to the culture, heritage and libraries that would be so important for my studies and interests.

I had also never lived in a city before, so London and the lifestyle it had to offer seemed like a good place to start!

How did you find your time at St Mary’s?

I loved my St Mary’s experience! My lecturers knew my name and had an open-door policy, they were all super approachable and always available when I needed them. Their support helped me achieve a first-class degree. Basically, there was always someone to go to whenever I had any difficulties, meaning I could not only graduate, but get a good grade.

The size of the uni and the way everything was set up was perfect and helped me settle in really quickly. Having everything from lectures, the library, to the Students’ Union bar all on one campus gives St Mary’s an incredible community vibe.

I love living in Twickenham, which feels safe, open and leafy, but it's awesome to have the centre of London on my doorstep – it offers something for everyone.

Do you have any advice for anyone considering applying here?

The advice I would give to students considering St Mary’s is to think about what environments they learn best in. St Mary’s is fantastic for students who thrive in smaller groups, where their voices and ideas can be heard in the classroom, as well as across the campus. 

For anyone considering History, students should remember that every History degree is different –check the modules before applying! St Mary’s is welcoming, inclusive and it feels like home – but I'm probably biased because I can’t seem to leave!

What have you been up to since you completed your undergraduate degree?

After I graduated from my undergraduate degree in History, I applied to do a postgraduate in Public History at St Mary’s. I was able to take everything I’d learnt in my first three years and apply them at a higher level, with the support of lecturers who already knew me well.

I was also employed in the Higher Education sector by the time I graduated – as someone who wants to work in academia, I’m so thankful to St Mary’s for helping me begin my career so quickly

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