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Terry Khoo

Degree studied: Business Management

I thoroughly enjoyed studying my degree at St Mary’s University. The business management theories I learnt are useful as they are applicable to real life business operations. The work placement modules at St Mary’s gave me the opportunity to apply my business management knowledge to the placement I was in, which enhances my CV and my employability.

There is also a Careers Service here to provide advice on CVs and job hunting. There are also volunteering opportunities at St Mary’s, I volunteered to be a peer mentor for first year students to develop my mentoring skills.

My lecturers played a pivotal role to my learning experience in St Mary’s and also one of the many reasons why I enjoyed studying here. The lecturers are willing to help you, respond to emails promptly and also, you can arrange 1 on 1 tutorials with them to help you with assignments or course related questions.

When I arrived here for the first time, I was worried that I would not make friends here. However, it turns out that I made plenty of friends as people here are friendly and approachable. The Students Union has many events, sports clubs and societies for students such as Ultimate Frisbee, basketball, business management society, and a social sports club, where you can play friendly futsal games and non-contact rugby.

Overall, the lecturers, the degree content, the work placement team and the Careers Service made my university experience with St Mary’s enriching and educational including a beautiful local area to explore. There is no other place better than London for career development and I thoroughly enjoyed studying abroad.

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