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Study Abroad process

Briefly, you will need to follow the processes and pay any required fees for the following steps.

Students are responsible for filling in the partner university's application and following through with any other information required for admissions, accommodation, academics and visas.

Students receiving funding through the Erasmus+ programme have additional paperwork requirements. 

Briefly, you will need to follow the processes and pay any required fees for the following steps:

  1. Fill in the St Mary’s Study and Work Abroad application by 1st March. The Study Abroad team will assess all applications and allocate semester and summer spaces in March.
  2. Application to partner (Semester and Summer Abroad programmes)
  3. Budget and save –You should think through your budgets and begin planning for the costs associated with studying abroad. If you're going away for a semester, let Student Finance know.
  4. Attend the Pre-departure Orientation in April (Semester and Summer Abroad programmes). This is required for all study abroad participants. 
  5. Learning Agreement (Semester Abroad only) – You must discuss your modules choices with your Programme Director(s) and ask them to approve the modules you plan to take while you are away. You can find more guidance about choosing modules and getting them approved on the Moodle page.
  6. Accommodation – apply for accommodation at your host university. If you're going abroad for a semester, think through where you will live during your semester at St Mary's.
  7. Travel plans – you are responsible for making and paying for your own travel plans.
  8. Visa application and fees (not required for some summer and Erasmus participants)
  9. Prepare to depart and enjoy your time abroad! Make the most of your time abroad, study hard and make new friends.
  10. Transcript/grades (Semester Abroad only) – Ensure the Registry receives your transcript from your semester abroad in order to get credit.
  11.  Share your experiences – Let us know about your time abroad by filling in a feedback form. There are lots of opportunities to help prepare other students getting ready to study abroad or coming to study at St Mary's for a semester - speak at an information session, visit a classroom and become a Global Peer Mentor!