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Semester abroad

Semester Abroad allows undergraduate students to spend a full semester studying at one of our partner universities in Australia, Canada, Europe or the United States.

The semester abroad is integrated into the degree structure, which means you can still finish your degree in three years.

Who can participate?

Undergraduate students on most degrees may spend a semester abroad. The application is open to first year students applying to go abroad during their second year.

Students on certain courses with extensive practical experience and/or external validation (e.g., Acting, Technical Theatre, Law, Physiotherapy, Sports Rehabilitation, Primary Teaching with QTS) may not be able to study abroad for a full semester but may have other options for international experiences built into the degree. Please check with your Programme Director for more details.

When is this programme?

Semester Study Abroad takes place during the second year of most undergraduate degrees. Depending on your course, you may be able to study abroad during either Semester 1 or Semester 2 or both. Speak with your Programme Director to determine which semester would be more suitable for your course of study.

If you are studying a joint honours degree you must gain approval from both of your Programme Directors to ensure you are covering all the core modules during the year.

Where can I go?

We have over 40 partner universities around the world! Where you can go will depend on your course as it’s important that the partner offer modules that will meet the academic requirements for your St Mary’s degree.

View partner universities by course

It’s important that you keep an open mind and choose at least 4 options where you would be happy to study. While we aim to allocate students to one of their top two choices, this is not always possible. This is because Study Abroad places are based on exchanges with our partner universities and are likely to change each year.

Spaces are allocated based on the number available, module suitability for specific courses, student preference and academic achievement. The modules you select at your host university must be approved by your programme director before your place on the programme can be confirmed.

When should I apply?

You must apply for the Semester Abroad programme by 1st March during your first year of studies. If you are studying a course with a Foundation Year, you should wait until the first year of your undergraduate degree to apply.

The deadline to participate in all study abroad programmes is 1st March. We may accept later applications for Semester 2 Abroad and Erasmus+ Traineeships if there is still availability.

What are the eligibility requirements?

Your grades matter! All students interested in studying abroad must be in good academic standing with no failed modules. Students interested in Semester Abroad must have a minimum 55% average in your first semester modules and maintain similar marks in Semester 2. Partner universities retain their own entry requirements and may require higher averages than above. 

Any student who fails a module must satisfactorily complete the resit before participating in study abroad. Students planning to study abroad during Semester 1 may be required to defer to Semester 2 if there are any academic concerns.