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About Summer Abroad

Summer Abroad opportunities provide students with the exciting opportunity to travel abroad for two to four weeks to learn and experience a new culture.

These programmes are shorter, less expensive and easier to organise that spending a full semester abroad.

Who can participate?

Many of these programmes are available to both undergraduate and postgraduate students in all degrees, though it is important that you are interested in the subject matter offered at your chosen destination. Participation in these programmes is outside of the degree course, and any credits earned will not be counted toward your St Mary's degree.  

Where can I go?

We have summer programmes in Australia, Germany, Japan, Malaysia and South Korea. Programme dates and availability are confirmed each spring. We generally have enough allocations for summer programmes, though it is very helpful if you provide at least two preferred programmes on your application.

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When are these programmes?

You can participate in a summer programme during any summer of your degree, though each programme has its own eligibility requirements you must meet.

How much does it cost?

Tuition is waived for most summer programmes, but students are responsible for paying for programme fees, travel, accommodation, meals, visas, and other associated costs. The exact costs will vary depending on your destination, but you should generally budget between £800 and £2000 to participate in a summer programme including international travel and accommodation (excluding additional travel outside of the programme).

Is there financial support available?

If you are accepted to the Summer Abroad programme, you may be eligible for a St Mary’s Go Abroad Grant or other for funding under the Turing Scheme.

When should I apply?

You should apply for Summer Abroad programmes by 1 March of the year you’d like to go abroad using the standard Study and Work Abroad application.

What are the eligibility requirements?

Your grades matter! All students interested in studying abroad must be in good academic standing with no failed modules. Summer Abroad students must maintain a 50% average, though partner universities retain their own entry requirements and may require a higher average. Requirements for each programme are listed in the programme details. Any student who fails a module must satisfactorily complete the resit before participating in study abroad.

Can I go on more than one Study Abroad programme?

Yes! We encourage you to apply for any programme that interests you, even if you have previously studied abroad. We strive to give all students the opportunity for an international experience, and students who have not previously studied abroad will be prioritised provided that they meet the eligibility requirements.