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Why study abroad?

Now you know a little bit more about what the Study Abroad Programme you are probably thinking:

Why should I study abroad?


A study abroad student is self-motivated, independent, willing to embrace challenges, able to cope with diverse problems and situations. A Study Abroad student will develop and demonstrate strong time management and organisational skills desired by employers.

A number of reports and research show that there may be a direct relationship between students who have studied abroad and employment post-graduation.

A study conducted by the UK Higher Education International Unit’s Go International programme found six months after graduation:

  • A lower proportion of graduates who had been mobile were unemployed.
  • A higher proportion of graduates who had been mobile were in more senior roles.
  • The average salary for graduates who had been mobile was higher if they were working in the UK. 
  • A higher proportion of graduates who had been mobile were employed in sectors relating to 'Professional, scientific and technical activities'; 'Information and communication'; 'Education'; 'Manufacturing'; and 'Financial and insurance activities'.
  • A higher proportion of graduates who had been mobile were working abroad.

Read the full report

Students from St Mary’s who have studied abroad have told us how beneficial the experience is as a topic to talk about during interviews for jobs and internships. With less than 2% of students in the UK studying abroad you will certainly stand out from the crowd and gain a competitive advantage.

Academic benefits

Studying abroad brings a new perspective to your learning and the opportunity to potentially study modules you may otherwise not get the chance to. This will help you gain a fresh outlook to your studies and the experience can add depth to future projects and coursework.

According to the report by the UK Higher Education International Unit of the graduating cohort of 2012/13, in the UK a higher proportion of Study Abroad students overall and across all subjects achieved a First or a 2:1. Whilst it’s difficult to prove that this is solely down to the Study Abroad experience it highlights an interesting trend.

Personal benefits

Throughout the Study Abroad experience students gain an abundance of personal benefits just as our previous Study Abroad students will tell you. By Studying Abroad you will gain many new friends, meet people from all over the world and begin establishing networks and networking skills that can be very beneficial for opening up future opportunities.

Our students who have studied abroad suggested they have developed and further enhanced personal skills such as independency, open mindedness, confidence, responsibility and organisational skills.

The Study Abroad experience allows students to fully embrace and learn about a new culture by living it and becoming a truly global citizen rather than visiting as a tourist. Whilst abroad students will have time to travel and see more of the country they are studying in and potentially have the chance to visit surrounding countries.

After your study abroad experience

When you return to St Mary’s, you will be able to attend employability workshops to help you feature your international experience in cover letters and CVs, as well as articulate your newly-acquired skills in interviews.

Opportunities may be available for study abroad participants to assist the International Department in promoting outward mobility and welcoming international students to St Mary’s.

For information on how to apply, please check SIMMSpace.