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SMULIC (St Mary's University London International College)

We are very pleased to welcome you to St. Mary’s University London International College (SMULIC).

St Mary’s University London International College (SMULIC) - is a brand new way for international students to enter our degree programmes.  For many overseas students, studying in the UK is an ambition, but it can be quite difficult to fulfil the dream. Universities have strict admissions criteria; they demand advanced English skills; and have high expectations from their applicants.

Happily, pathway programmes such as SMULIC’s can provide an accessible and affordable solution. SMULIC immerses you in St Mary’s campus and academic life, as well as the English language and UK culture. Your time at SMULIC will fast-track you on your academic pathway to degree success.

Your induction timetable

Your Induction timetable will be provided to you by Imran Khan, your Academic and Student Services Manager at SMULIC.

There will be lots of other activities going on during the first couple of weeks. Make sure you check out the welcome events calendar.