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As an international student, we know that you’ll have extra questions about life in the UK, the healthcare system, public transport, academic expectations and lots more.

We’ll answer these questions in special online and face-to-face international orientation sessions that complement our University-wide induction programme. There are different programmes for study abroad and Erasmus students, who will be at St Mary’s just for this semester, and for students doing their whole degree at St Mary’s.

Study abroad and Erasmus welcome

Pick-up service

If you’re studying at St Mary’s for this semester or for the full year, we can pick you up from Heathrow and bring you to St Mary’s on the 18th September.

  • Date: 18th September 2022, morning arrivals only.
  • Bookings: This service is free, but you must reserve your place by Sunday 11th September. Please complete our pick-up form when your flight details are confirmed.
  • Who this session is for: This day is to move study abroad and Erasmus students living on campus into their St Mary’s accommodation. If you’re not living on campus, you don’t need to come to St Mary’s until in-person orientation activities begin.


We’ll be writing to you with further information about your orientation programme before you arrive.

Undergraduate welcome

Arriving to campus

We have a free airport pick-up service for students moving into campus on Sunday 18th September. Please complete our pick-up form to book your place after your flight details are confirmed. You must complete this form by Sunday 11th September to use this service.

If you won’t be living on campus, you won’t need to come to St Mary’s until your in-person orientation activities start, so you can travel from the airport to your accommodation on a day that suits you. 


Please see your course induction page for details of your mandatory academic induction. Online international orientation activities will take place on Monday 19th September and Wednesday 21st September.

Session 1: 9-10.45am (London time), Monday 19th September

Session 2: 10am-1pm (London time), Wednesday 21st September

Zoom link: international orientation

Postgraduate welcome

Arriving to campus

As a postgraduate student, you won’t need to come to campus until in-person sessions for your course begin. Please check your teaching start date and the dates for your mandatory academic induction programme on our website. Please let us know if you need any help getting to your accommodation or to campus.


Postgraduate students have two online orientation sessions on Monday 19th September and Wednesday 21st September.

Session 1: 9-10.45am (London time), Monday 19th September

Session 2: 10am-1pm (London time), Wednesday 21st September

Zoom link: international orientation

Further information

During induction week, campus tours and tours of the local area will also be available.

We’re really excited to meet you at a session and see you on campus when you arrive. In the meantime, you can also prepare for your St Mary’s experience by:

  • Watching our pre-departure webinar, if you weren’t able to attend on the 7th September.
  • Looking at our Stay Safe at St Mary’s page for up-to-date coronavirus guidance.
  • Reading our ‘Preparing to study in London’ pages
  • Engaging with the free resources at Prepare for Success, a free interactive learning tool designed to help international students in the UK prepare for their studies
  • Having a look at the UKCISA website. UKCISA, the UK Council for International Student Affairs, is a comprehensive source of information and support on everything from visas to tuition fees to health.

Coronavirus guidance for international students and late arrivals

We know that you may have questions about travelling to London to start your course. Please check our Stay Safe at St Mary’s guidance for international students for full details about COVID-19 testing and quarantine requirements. There are currently no government requirements for travellers to England.

It’s important that you’re able to come to campus when your course starts. If you’re experiencing visa delays or other travel problems and you don’t think you’ll be able to arrive on time, please keep our International Admissions ( and International ( teams informed so that we can give you the best advice. If you’re a study abroad or Erasmus student, please write to instead.