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All new students who have met the conditions of their offer and accepted, will be invited via email to enrol online.

You will be asked to check and update your personal details, pay or commit to paying for fees, and upload a suitable photo of yourself. By uploading a photo, you will make your arrival on main campus easier as we'll have your ID card ready for you to collect when you arrive.

Complete online enrolment

Please note: this link will only work if you have received an invitation inviting you to enrol online.

By completing online enrolment you are agreeing to follow all of our policies and procedures throughout your time at St Mary's.

International students

International students should complete online enrolment as soon as possible. Please do not wait until you arrive in the UK to do so as the completed enrolment will give you access to the University’s IT systems.

If online lessons are available for your programme, you will have to attend the lessons even before your arrival. You are required to be on campus in-person before the last day of acceptance on your CAS. If you fail to do so, you may be withdrawn from your programme and may have to request another CAS and visa on your own expenses.

Once you have completed enrolment

After completing online enrolment, the tab ‘My Details’ should appear and by visiting this page, you will find:

  • important links (such as letter requests)
  • Manage My Data options
  • Manage My Course options (such as optional module choices for some level 4 students).

If you need guidance on how to use these options, please contact

Getting your student ID card

You must first have completed all of the steps for online enrolment and uploaded a photo.

Your university ID card will be produced by Security on campus. You can collect your card from their office near Main Reception.  

Your student ID card will act as: 

  1. your official student ID and therefore will include your name, photograph, student ID number and your programme expiry date. You need to carry your ID card with you at all times while on campus
  2. your access card to buildings around campus
  3. your library card. You'll need to use your ID card to access the library, borrow books, and other learning materials. 

System access

Before you log into your University services (e.g. Moodle), you will first need to login to your University Office 365 account.

This will guide you through configuring multifactor authentication (MFA) - this is important as MFA is required to log into Moodle and other University services. Please see this page for more MFA help

When you set up your University email account you use your student email address which is [STUDENT NUMBER] in Office 365.

Quick links for accessing University systems (using your student number and password) can be found on the student homepage.

Please note: after enrolling there will be a delay in seeing your modules in Moodle.

Course induction timetable

Make sure to also check your course-specific induction information.

How to pay your fees

There are three main ways to pay your fees.

Student loan

If you are funding your tuition fees using a Student Loan you will need your Student Finance Payment Advice to hand in order to fill in the Student Support Number and complete online enrolment. The Student Support Number is typically printed on the second page of your Student Finance Summary and usually begins with SFDU.

Please ensure you have also signed and returned your Declaration to Student Finance.

This can be done online via the link provided by Student Finance. Failure to do so will delay your student loan from being released.

Postgraduate loans will be disbursed in instalments directly to you. You can set up tuition fee payment instalments in the fees section.


If your fees are being paid by a sponsor, you will need the sponsor's contact details to hand in order to be able to complete the online enrolment process.

A copy of your sponsor letter, on headed paper, must be scanned and uploaded when completing online enrolment.


If you are paying your tuition fees yourself (self-payer), please follow the instructions in online enrolment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please view our FAQ page.