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St Mary's Student Charter Academic Year 2023/24

St Mary's University, in collaboration with the St Mary’s Students' Union, is committed to ensuring that you succeed in your studies and that you are able to develop academically, personally and professionally.

We are dedicated to your development of the physical, intellectual and spiritual potential and aim to foster equality of opportunity for all, creating create an inclusive community for all students and staff in accordance with our mission and values of Inclusiveness, Generosity of Spirit, Respect and Excellence.

However, in addition to the commitments from the University and the Students' Union, this also entails a commitment from yourself. This Charter sets out how we and the Students' Union will undertake this commitment but also what we expect from you.

1. Respect and Responsibility: The University will:

  • Provide an environment which promotes equality, diversity and ethical behaviour in all aspects of student life.
  • Treat you with respect and in a professional manner.
  • Ensure that you are able to study and socialise on campus in an environment in which your health and safety are protected.

2. Learning, Teaching and Assessment: The University will:

  • Provide high quality teaching informed by research and current practice.
  • Provide detailed and accurate information on the structure and requirements of your programme of study including the preparation and submission of assessments.
  • Ensure that you are supported in your learning and assessment with appropriate feedback to promote your achievement.
  • Provide opportunities to enhance your employability and personal development and to ensure access to careers advice.
  • Provide suitable access to library and IT facilities.

3. Student Life at St Mary's: The University will:

  • Provide opportunities to represent your views and those of your fellow students within the institution.
  • Provide accessible and accurate information and advice concerning any administrative process such as enrolment and respond to your queries in a timely manner.
  • Provide a range of social and sporting opportunities and facilities in collaboration with the Students' Union and through Sport St Mary's.
  • Provide a range of appropriate services to support you through your studies including a Chaplaincy supporting students of all faiths and none. 
  • Provide timely, personalised advice and guidance on pastoral and wellbeing matters.

In return you undertake to:

  • As a current student you  accept that you are bound by and must adhere to the academic regulations and all other University policies and procedures.
  • Behave with respect for yourself, fellow students and University staff and treat others with courtesy and consideration at all times including through the use of social network sites.
  • Be an active participant in your own learning, attend timetabled classes and tutorials, undertake reading, research and independent study and to submit for assessment as required.
  • To seek advice and guidance when issues or problems arise, acting constructively on the advice given.
  • Engage constructively and honestly in any University consultation on aspects of your studies at St Mary's to help improve the experience for all students.
  • Behave responsibly when using facilities and comply with any specific regulations governing their use.
  • Respect the campus environment and its facilities and ensure you do not act in a way that puts yourself or others at risk.
  • Understand that you are also responsible for your own health and safety and that of those around you and to comply with any rules or regulations relating to this. 
  • Respect our neighbours and local community preventing noise disturbance, litter and any antisocial behaviour.

The Students' Union undertakes to:

  • Represent your interests and act as a channel of communication with the University and other students' bodies.
  • Encourage personal development and a sense of community through the provision of entertainment and student clubs, societies and social activities.
  • Help and support students who may be encountering problems with student life (socially and academically) and to use our knowledge and understanding to work with the University to minimise the likelihood of these problems reoccurring.
  • Support active student engagement and to empower students to be an active member of the St Mary's community, whilst embodying the University's values of Inclusiveness, Generosity of Spirit, Respect and Excellence.
  • Promote a safe and inclusive environment for all, both academically and socially.
  • Give students the opportunity to engage in our activity through an open and democratic structure and effective communication.

Feedback and complaints

The University welcomes feedback on your experience and provides channels for this purpose such as the programme boards and the Students' Union.  We also recognise that there may be times when you consider we have not provided what we aim to do.

We therefore have a complaints procedure which should be used to raise issues with the University. We would ask that you do this as soon as possible so that we can seek resolution at the earliest opportunity.


As we continue to adapt as a University community to new ways of studying, working and moving about our spaces there will be a continued need for our usual behaviours to adjust. In order to respect the personal safety of every student and member of staff, and indeed the wider community, and ensure we can all help to keep the University a safe place to study and work, in line with Government advice we have developed a supplemental Student Charter to support this, please read it carefully and ensure you follow the principles:

As a University we will:

  • Ensure that our teaching spaces and other facilities are equipped and managed in line with health and safety guidelines, including social distancing measures in accordance with Government advice for Higher Education.
  • Seek to ensure that you receive the highest quality of teaching, learning, support for your research and student experience and that you can access them safely, online or in person.
  • Ensure that you are informed of any regulatory changes that affect the operation of any of our spaces or services.

Provide high quality wellbeing support to students who are self-isolating in accordance with Government Advice.

As a student I will:

  • Follow Government (HE and University (Stay Safe@St Mary's) requirements around health and safety, including social distancing during teaching sessions, in study spaces, halls of residence, all other locations across our campuses, and in the wider community including those in private accommodation.
  • Adhere to any advice, signage and processes, such as one-way systems, put in place on campus for my safety and that of others.
  • Follow any direction received from University staff to help support me in adhering to the requirements.
  • Ensure I keep up to date with the changing requirements and guidance issued by the University via email, the University website and social media.
  • Stay at home and abide by self-isolation measures in accordance with the latest Government advice(
  • Ensure I inform the University of any changes to my engagement with my studies (online only or blended) or personal circumstances, for example, the need to self-isolate, shield, quarantine, etc via my personal tutor and the University Self reporting form.
  • Behave with dignity and respect towards others, and play a positive role in encouraging others to follow such guidelines and proactively take personal measures to minimise risk to myself and others.

As a Students’ Union, we will:

  • Ensure continuation of activities and services associated with student life and experience (i.e. Advice, Guidance & Support, Societies, Events and other Union Services) albeit delivered in an alternative way that adheres to current Government and University guidance and social distancing measures.
  • Continue effective representation on behalf of the student body on all matters including those related to Covid-19.