Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions we're asked by new students about moving into halls at St Mary's.

You will have a very full registration programme and details of the timetable will be provided. This is all essential for the administration of University courses and services.

Yes, but no refund can be given for meals not taken or for time away from halls.

Unfortunately, there can be no provision for overnight visitors in on-campus accommodation. Please read carefully Regulation 11 (a) under 'General Accommodation Requirements' in the Accommodation Licence Agreement. We can assist with details of local B&Bs/hotels.

Fire retardant duvets and pillows, which meet safety regulations, are provided within each bedroom on-campus. However, you must bring your own bed linen, i.e., duvet cover, pillowcases, sheets and towels. You will be responsible for laundering your bed linen and personal clothing.

Students living in Davidson House will be required to bring all bedding, including duvet and pillows.

Yes, there is a coin operated launderette on campus. There are also a number of laundrettes and dry cleaners in the local area.

If you are going to be living in Davidson House, there is a small on-site laundrette. You will be able to collect a top-up card when you arrive.

Insurance cover is provided under a block policy with Endsleigh and the cost is covered in the accommodation fees: Summary of Cover Provided by Endsleigh at St Mary's (PDF file).

Please note that you may require additional cover for high value items regularly taken out of the room, such as laptops and mobile phones.  This can be arranged directly with Endsleigh on payment of an additional premium. All claims are handled direct by Endsleigh.

The Fresh Student Living website has details of Contents Insurnace for Davidson House tenants.

Yes, bicycle racks are available and are located near to St Mary's on-campus halls of residence. Davidson House also has secure bicycle storage inside the building.

If you do bring a bicycle it is not a good idea to bring a very expensive one. You must make certain that it is covered by your insurance policy, as the University is not responsible for loss or damage to bicycles.

Bicycles should not be stored in your room or within any of the halls of residence at any time due to Health and Safety.

Certainly, however, living in halls is community living and there has to be co-operation, especially about noise. Students are asked to enter/leave halls quietly and not to have music too loud. The hall should be quiet between 11pm and 8am. We also ask that students are considerate to our neighbours when leaving and returning to campus, particularly late at night.

Most certainly, for a serious or continuous breach of the terms and conditions of your accommodation licence. You should read these carefully. If in doubt about any of them, please ask.

Any connection or suspected connection with the possession, use, buying or selling of drugs will result in the immediate termination of residence. The University will not condone any illegal practices and any matters concerning these are reported to the Police.

Any student leaving on-campus accommodation before the end of the academic year must notify the Registry to complete the formal withdrawal process. You are also responsible for advising the Accommodation Service and Student Services, so that your room can be re-let and accommodation charges calculated.

Please note: this does not apply to students living in Davidson House, please refer to your tenancy agreement for further details and contact the Hall Manager or the St Mary's Accommodation Service if you require any further information.

Frequently, and there is no need to be ashamed of this. Many students are living away from home for the first time and inevitably there is some reaction to this. Don't be afraid to talk to someone - for example if you are in campus accommodation, your Senior Resident, Resident Mentor or your Hall Manager if staying in Davidson House. All students can also speak to a member of the Accommodation Service, Student Services or the Student Counselling Service.

There are several contacts:

On-campus Accommodation

  • Your Senior Residents: students with previous experience of living in halls) are in halls specifically to help new students settle into life at St Mary's and assist with any issues.
  • Your Resident Mentor (Hall Warden): can deal with anything more serious or personal. He/she will either advise you or tell you exactly where to go for the help you need.

Davidson House

  • Hall Manager: based at Davidson House in the Main reception during office hours and can be contacted if you are experiencing difficulty or have any concerns
  • Residential Advisors: are more experienced students and are available outside of office hours in case of emergency.

All Students

  • Student Services: have close contact with all the support services and invites you to drop-in at any time to the Student Services Centre in J Building. Appointments can be made if necessary by emailing
  • Student Counsellors: offer a confidential counselling service for anyone with troubling personal and/or emotional problems like homesickness. You can refer yourself to this service using a referral form or contact or 020 8240 4187 directly for a counselling appointment. For more information, please see the counselling webpage.
  • Chaplaincy Team: also work closely with Student Services staff on a variety of issues. A member of the team can meet with students for a friendly chat and to discuss or give practical advice regarding any concerns students might have.

Please don't be afraid to contact any of the above services for either a private or personal problem/concern.