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Application process

Instructions on how to submit your application can be found below. If you need further assistance, please contact the Accommodation Service on 020 8240 4034/4385 or

University accommodation application process

Applications can be made for University accommodation by completing an online application via the student Accommodation Portal.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible to apply for University accommodation, you must be a full time new undergraduate student. You must be holding an offer from St Mary’s, and you need to have made us firm on UCAS.

How to apply

Eligible applicants can apply via the accommodation portal.

Apply now

To apply you will need to create an account using the Regnum supplied in your invitation email.

As part of the application, you will be asked to rank Halls and available room types in order of preference.

Accommodation guarantee

We guarantee an offer of University accommodation to all eligible first year undergraduates who apply before 10th June 2023.

Please note that whilst not covered by the guarantee; we endeavour to offer accommodation to all eligible students who apply. Our applications remain open after the initial deadline; however, we will begin to allocate our accommodation from mid-August onwards. Availability of certain Halls or room types might be limited therefore we recommend that you apply early.

Allocation of University accommodation

Room allocations will be made from mid-August onwards and students will be contacted by email shortly afterwards and directed to the portal.

Halls are allocated on a first come, first serve basis, in accordance with the University’s Allocation Policy. We are not able to guarantee an offer in a specific Hall or room type, but preferences are taken into consideration based on availability at time of allocation.

Further information for...

The Accommodation Service has years of experience in helping international students find accommodation during their course. First year students who are eligible to live on campus will be contacted by the Accommodation Service before the application site opens, with information on how and when to complete their application.

As an International student you will have a selection of  University accommodation available for you to choose from which allow you to arrive early and attend the International Orientation. These include the following;

Catered options:   De MarillacWaldegrave Park.

If you are interested in self-catered University accommodation, please contact the Accommodation Service who will try to arrange this for you.

Please note: additional charges will apply for those moving into halls before 19th September 2021

If you are a first year student who is opting to stay in University accommodation and you wish to reside in your accommodation over the Christmas closure period, we would advise you to consider choosing Grosvenor Hall as your highest preferences as these are the only halls that stay open over Christmas.

The Accommodation Service also provides advice and guidance for students wishing to find private sector accommodation including lodgings, private halls, and shared houses/flats. For more information please see our  Private Sector Accommodation page.

For more information for International students, please visit the  International accommodation pages.

University accommodation is primarily for new first year undergraduate students, as it is often their first time away from home. It is for sole occupancy only. Students with families and partners who require local accommodation generally live in private rented housing.

The Accommodation Service can help you to find private sector accommodation. There are useful links and advice available on our  private sector accommodation page.

Please refer to our  Disability Provision Policy in the first instance. If you need to discuss your requirements further please contact a member of the Accommodation Service  on 020 8240 4034 (9am-5pm, Monday to Friday) who will be happy to help. 

If you apply after the application deadline, or have not spoken to the Accommodation Service about your specific requirements, it may not be possible for us to alter your accommodation offer.

We recognise that students who are classed as Care Leavers may require additional support.  Please contact the Accommodation Service for further information.

The Accommodation Service may have provision for continuing students to live in University accommodation, depending upon availability. Please contact the Accommodation Service to express your interest, the Accommodation Service will then keep a note of your request and will contact you in the summer with further details.

If you are a continuing student the Accommodation Service can provide advice on finding  private sector accommodation in private halls of residences, house and flat-shares, or in lodgings with local families.

We manage where private landlords and student accommodation providers advertise available local properties to St Mary's students. We can also provide details of local lettings agents which can be helpful to students.

Clive S and some rooms in Clive U can be booked by new students who are athletes, but need to be referred to us by EPC.

Any student athletes who apply for accommodation but have not been referred by EPACC are allocated accommodation in line with our allocation policy as stated above.

A limited number of rooms within Clive Halls are reserved for returning Elite Athletes.

If you will be studying the first year of the Technical Theatre Undergraduate Fast Track course, then you will be able to apply for University accommodation. However, the licence length in University accommodation is only 36 weeks and will only be available for your first two Trimesters.

There are also local private halls of residence locally who offer longer contract lengths that are more suitable for your course.

If you would like to talk to a member of the Accommodation Service please contact us at or on 020 8240 4034.

Frequently asked questions

Every year the Accommodation Service receives a high number of applications. To help you understand what to do once you have received your offer, we have answered the most frequently asked questions below. If you have a question that is not answered, please contact a member of the Accommodation Service on 020 8240 4034 (9am-5pm, Monday to Friday) who will be happy to help.

For University managed accommodation

You will be notified to log into the portal where you can view your room offer and any accompanying documents. You will need to accept your accommodation offer using an electronic signature. This forms a legally binding agreement.

University accommodation is allocated on a first come, first serve basis, in accordance with the University’s Allocation Policy. Preferences are taken into consideration and you will have been allocated your highest preference that was available.

If you wish to try again for a higher accommodation preference you need to decline your offer and ask to go on the waiting list. Please bear in mind that if you do this, preference will be given to students that have not yet received an offer of accommodation and we cannot guarantee that another offer of accommodation will be made.

We endeavour to offer accommodation to all eligible students who apply before the 10th June. If you applied after the application deadline, it is possible that you will have been placed on our waiting list. Places do become available in University accommodation throughout the summer and these places will be allocated to students on our waiting list in accordance with the University’s Allocation Policy.  We will keep you informed after A-Level results day and will endeavour to accommodate you as soon as possible.    

Alternatively, you might want to consider   private sector accommodation options. Please contact the Accommodation Service if you have any queries about applying for Private Sector accommodation.

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