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Compensated passes

Internal module compensation

Where a student has achieved a pass mark overall for the module but has not passed each individual assessment element, a Programme Examination Board, unless otherwise specified in the Programme Specifications, may recommend that the student be allowed to pass the module providing they have gained a mark at least 30% (for undergraduate programmes) in any substantive assessment element (ie carrying at least 35% of the total marks available for the module). Full compensation is permitted for non-substantive elements (ie those carrying less than 35% of the total marks available).

Compensation credits will not be awarded for the Dissertation or Project.

Compensation credits

At the discretion of the University Undergraduate Examination Board, a student who has failed a module but has shown strength in other areas may be awarded compensation credits for the module provided:

i. The student has achieved a mark of not less than 30% for the module for which compensation is being considered

ii. The student has attempted all prescribed elements of the module

iii. For students studying two subjects, including single honours students at FHEQ Level 4, no more than 20 credits may be compensated per subject of study

iv. For students studying one subject, no more than 40 credits or two modules may be compensated whichever is the lesser

Compensation credits may not be awarded for the independent study module at FHEQ Level 6 (Year 3).

Compensation credits will not be awarded for a module that forms a mandatory part of a professional programme (as defined in the Programme Specifications).

When compensation credits are awarded,the mark gained in the module will stand and will be used for classification of the award where appropriate.

Compensation credits will allow a student to progress to the next level without the need for further resits,or to gain an award, as appropriate,without repetition or interruption.

No more than 40 compensation credits will be awarded at each level.

Where a joint honours student is eligible for compensation but is nonetheless required to redeem a failed module (eg they have failed 30 credits in one subject of which only 15 credits may be compensated) they will be required to redeem the module with the lower mark.

Where compensation credits have been awarded, a student may nonetheless choose to resit the module. In this case the marked gained in the subsequent resit will stand and be capped at the pass mark.

Compensation credits will not be awarded for the Dissertation or Project.

Please note: information on this page comes directly from the 2020/21 Academic Regulations. Please refer to this document for further information.