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How do joint honours degrees work?

Programmes listed as joint honours can be combined to form a joint degree, allowing you to study two subjects with varying degrees of specialisation.

You can either study two subjects equally - Business Management and Business Law, for example - or study one subject in more depth (Business Management with Business Law).

For joint honours subjects, you can decide whether you want to major and minor at the end of your second year. This allows plenty of time and flexibility to choose.

Pie charts showing breakdown of joint honours: Single honours is 100% your main subject, joint honours (equal study) is 50% main subject and 50% second subject and joint honours (major/minor) is more than 50% main subject and less than 50% second subject

Although most programmes can be studied as a single honours degree, some may require you to study two subjects in the first year. You will be asked to choose this second subject once you have been offered a place.

After your first year you can concentrate solely on your main programme. However, you may continue with both subjects, should you wish to graduate with joint honours.

Changing your joint honours degree

You may find that you want to change degree during your studies. For example, you may want to continue with your second subject after originally applying for a single honours degree. Others may want to change the balance of programmes in their joint degree.

You will get advice about your choices throughout the programme and we try to accommodate changes whenever possible.


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