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Colm Stack reunion[1]

Over the weekend of 12th-14th of July the residents of 33 Waldegrave Park had a reunion at St Mary’s to celebrate 25 years since starting university together. We had a great turnout and all stayed in our old digs and ate breakfast in the refectory! How amazing to be able to do that - it certainly brought back many great memories.

After catching up with each other on Friday night, we spent Saturday in the university grounds admiring the many changes the university had gone through and how well it looked. We were also pleased that so much had remained the same. On Saturday evening the university went all out for us and provided us access to the Senior Common Room. This was a real treat and allowed us so much time to talk about how much has changed for us over 25 years and how great it is that we all have remained in touch. Security had to ask us to leave!

Overall it was an excellent weekend with so much fun and laughter. One of us mentioned that what was really special is that we had all grown up together and that our time at St Mary’s was so special it allowed us to keep close friendships between us over the last 25 years. We are already looking forward to our next reunion!

Colm Stack (1994-98)