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Online and open-air activities, recorded lectures available 24/7, more bicycle parking – the pandemic might have made some things more difficult, but we’ve also found opportunities to improve your experience.

We want to make sure our students have a safe London university experience. With lots of green space around us, and a position outside of Central London (with the commuter rush going in the opposite direction), social distancing isn’t a problem. And we’ve made it even easier for you to keep safe with more parking spaces and bike racks, more outside seating and lots of hand sanitiser and hand washing facilities everywhere.

You’ll still have a great experience this year. But, of course, things are going to be a bit different for the time being. Find out what you can expect by reading the information on these pages:


Need help to access technology?

As more of your St Mary’s experience will be online this year, you’ll need a computer and a reliable internet connection. If you can’t afford or access these, we may be able to lend you what you need. Find out more about the digital equality fund.

St Mary's University COVID-19 risk assessment (PDF)