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The St Mary's Curriculum Framework is an institution-wide approach to our curriculum design. It provides a non-prescriptive but structured approach to learning, teaching and assessment practices that will maximise our performance in the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF), facilitates our progress towards meeting our Access and Participation Plan (APP) commitments, and enables us to take an institution-wide strategic approach to enhancement.

The St Mary's Curriculum Framework combines a number of distinctive elements:

The intended objectives are to enhance:

  1. Student learning.
  2. Student retention, attainment, and progression.
  3. Student satisfaction.
  4. Student success/attainment
  5. Student progression into employment.
  6. Building inclusive environment and practices.
  7. Student perceptions of value for money.
  8. Our progress in narrowing or eliminating identified gaps in access, success and progression between traditional and WP student groups

Curriculum Framework full diagram

View the full Curriculum Framework.

Dr Adam Longcroft introduces the Curriculum Framework: