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We have introduced a regular assessment and feedback workshop series for all colleagues involved in assessing and providing feedback for learning. The workshops will address formative feedback, innovative approaches to assessment, considering how assessment might support student engagement and retention assessment as part of curriculum design and feedback as ongoing dialogue.

 Specific topics include

  • Providing feedback for learning
  • Formative assessment and feedback
  • Assessment and retention
  • Innovative assessment
  • Assessment and curriculum design

 In addition to the workshops, the team can:  

  • Provide guidance on assessment design which aligns with broader course aims and outcomes.  
  • Broker guidance and support from colleagues across the university, for example on using learning technologies with assessment and feedback.
  • Offer support with local assessment and feedback guidance and strategy
  • Co-facilitate workshops or discussions with programme teams, departments, institutes or faculties

Providing feedback for learning27 October, 12-1

  • This session will give participants the opportunity to explore feedback as a means of supporting learning. Specifically, we will
  • Share feedback challenges and successful practice at St Mary’s
  • Discuss the purpose of feedback in our disciplines
  • Consider a range of approaches to shaping and providing feedback, including recent sector trends and scholarship
  • Ask what students need and value by way of feedback
  • Address dialogic feedback and the role of students in the feedback process.

Assessment and retention workshop8 December, 12-1

 This workshop will explore ways in which assessment practices can be designed to support student engagement with their course. In particular, we will consider formative opportunities for practice and feedback, and we’ll explore ways of preparing students for summative assessment.  We’ll look at a case study from St Mary’s where the approach to assessment has been redesigned and we’ll consider recent sector evidence on the link between assessment design and retention.

Assessment for learning: innovative practices – 9 February, 11-12

 This workshop will explore a range of innovative assessment practices drawing on examples from within St Mary’s and across the sector. We’ll consider what types of learning these assessment methods promote, how to prepare students for new assessment methods and how they might be integrated into a curriculum.

Curriculum development workshop: re-thinking assessment - 14 April, 10-11

This is a participant-led session in which colleagues share ideas and opportunities to review and revise assessment practices. Topics will be agreed by the group, but can include:

  • A balanced assessment diet – formative versus summative? 
  • Diversifying assessment – beyond essay + exam
  • Enhancing assessment integrity 
  • Authentic assessment for professional practice 
  • Inclusive assessment for diverse student cohorts  
  • Enhancing feedback and feedforward – supporting students to make effective use of feedback 


 To attend any of these workshops, please email


St Mary's assessment policies and criteria can be found here.


This page provides information about assessment. For some support on good practice in assessment design, see our ADF page on Moodle.