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This analysis suite consists of a variety of anthropometry and body composition analytical equipment enabling the use and comparison of varying determination techniques relevant to different contexts with sport and health industry practice. Activity spans across all of the academic levels and wider enterprise/knowledge transfer units including running the ISAK anthropometry course.

Much of this specialist equipment is used in conjunction with resources from other laboratories for teaching, research and enterprise activity.

Area equipment

Body composition and Air pressure displacement

  • Cranlea Bod pod air pressure displacement body composition analyser (x1)

Bioelectrical impendence (BIA)

  • Tanita bioelectrical impedance (BIA) system (x2)
  • Biostat BIA portable body composition analysers (x5)

Skin folds

Harpenden skin fold callipers (x10)


  • Cescorf Segmometers (x5)
  • Stadiometers – various brands (x10 across labs)

Body mass determination

  • Portable electrical scales – various (x10 across labs)