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The Biochemistry Laboratory is used by Nutrigenomics and Nutrigenetics research group - part of the School for Sport, Health and Applied Science - encompasses two PhD students (Catherine Graham and Leta Pilic) and is led by Dr Yiannis Mavrommatis. In addition, the laboratory is used for undergraduate and postgraduate nutrition and sport projects, as well as general scientific enquiry.

The Nutrigenomics and Nutrigenetics group examine nutrient/gene interaction and have an initial collaboration research collaboration links with University of Navarra, Spain in the field of personalised nutrition.Two projects are currently running in the biochemistry; Examination of gene interaction in childhood obesity and determination of genes in salt taste perception and association between salt intakes.

The laboratory houses two Real-Time PCR machines to amplify genes of interest and genotype. Analysis takes place using dedicated software in the laboratory. In addition, the laboratory houses a thermocycler for Reverse Transcriptase PCR and products are analysed using agarose gel electrophoresis.

DNA quantification and quality control is carried out using a Nanodrop. In addition the laboratory house a cell culture station which forms part of the genes in salt taste perception and association between salt intake researches. Sterilisation takes places in the laboratory through the use of UV PCR station and Autoclave.

Undergraduate projects in analytical chemistry testing organic samples take place in the laboratory using spectrophotometers, flame photometer and 96-well plate reader. The Biochemistry laboratory is in the process of acquiring a Randox Daytona Analyser which will be used for metabolite and hormone research at Masters Level.

Additionally, the Biochemistry laboratory accommodates PGCE Secondary Science practicals for training of the universities PGCE Secondary Science students.

The Biochemistry laboratory is manned by two Biochemistry Technicians; Pranita Gandhi and Jonathan Nixon under the Technical Service Team, is led by James Simms (Technical Services Manager).