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The Biosciences laboratory houses a highly adaptable 40 student capacity practical teaching suite, alongside a designated Nutrigenomics research station. The laboratory’s activities cover multiple aspects of human, nutrition and wider chemistry science, including microbiology, physiology and compound analysis.

The Nutrigenomic and wider facility hosts teaching and learning for a variety of degree programmes, alongside multiple research strands at all academic levels considering various aspects of human health, nutrition and genetics.

The Biosciences lab links with the Faculty’s wider laboratories and associated activity including the use of a clinical analyser to measure a wide range of human physiology markers and ELISA hormone analysis.

Local area equipment

Biochemistry analysis

  • Randox Daytona chemistry analyser (x1)
  • ELISA plate reader and accessories (x1)
  • Flame photometer (x1)
  • Vitech osmometer (x1)
  • Chromatography standard and solvent systems (x6)


  • StepOnePlus PCR Machine (x1)
  • Thermocycler (x1)
  • Educational gel electrophoresis kits (x20)


  • Spectrophotometers (x6)


  • Incubator (x1)
  • CO2 incubator (x1)
  • Plate culture equipment (various)

Compound reagent analysis

FRAP, TPC, Phenolic content analytical kits and other similar as needed for relevant teaching and research.

General lab equipment

  • Fume hoods (x2)
  • UV cabinet (x1)
  • Centrifuges (x2)
  • Freeze drier (x1)
  • Pipettes (various automatics x40)
  • -80°C freezer (Human Tissue licenced storage) x1
  • Waterbaths (x6)
  • Shaking Waterbath (x1)
  • Analytical balances (x6)
  • Top pan balances 2 d.p (x4)

Full range of laboratory glassware and accessories covering filtration, titration, distillation, dissection, chemical reaction experiments, gas collection and other similar experiments.

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