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The biomechanics laboratory is equipped with a wide range of highly specialist biomechanical equipment that are used within areas of teaching, research and outreach activity.

Broad areas of research activity include motion and force analysis, electromyography, dynamometry and pedobarography, with data processing able to be conducted in our computer suite with a variety of software workstations available.

Much activity conducted within the laboratory includes an element of cross-departmental equipment to complement research which can include occlusion conditioning, neuromuscular stimulation, electrotherapy, eye tracking systems and much more. All resources are accessible and available to facilitate research across multiple disciplines including Sports Science, Strength and Conditioning, Sports Rehabilitation, Skill Acquisition and Psychology.

Area equipment

Motion analysis

  • Vicon 3D infra-red multiple angle and range motion capture system including x15 adjustable wall-mounted cameras.
  • Accompanying multiple software for analysis

Force analysis

  • Kistler floor-mounted multi-axis force platforms (x4) with multiple recess sites to accommodate teaching and research protocols
  • PASCO portable platforms (x6 dual sets)

Dynamometry analysis

  • Cybex dynamometer with full limb mobility range accessories
  • Kincom dynamometer with full limb mobility range accessories

High-speed video capture

Various video camera systems covering a range of frames per second to accommodate all relevant motion material capture.

Diagnostics and intervention

  • Biopac EMG 8 module system and accessories (x2 full sets)
  • Neuro-stimulation/neuro-muscular stimulation systems (x1 each)
  • Ischemic conditioning apparatus (x2)

Data and video analysis

Multiple computer works stations (x16) including use of hardware and wider multiple software (see full equipment inventory).

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