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The British Association of Sport and Exercise Science (BASES) accredited laboratories hold sports-specific ergometry equipment (e.g. treadmill, cycle ergometer, rowing ergometer, kayak ergometer) to set exercise intensities across the entirety of an athlete’s physiological range. This allows our exercise physiologists to measure a variety of physiological responses in line with the body’s up-regulation during exercise.

Typical physiological measures include breath-by-breath gas analysis (Inc. portable gas analysis), cardiovascular measurement (e.g. heart rate, heart rate variability, blood pressure, oxygen saturation and electrocardiograph), haematological biomarkers and respiratory variables such as spirometery flow loops.

The main Human Performance Laboratory holds a similar range of ergometers, online gas analysers and blood biomarker analysers, alongside additional equipment such as the state of the art environmental chamber, with capacity to safely simulate altitude to equivalent oxygen levels of 12%, temperature ranges of 5 to 50°C and humidity levels of 30 to 90% (subject to temperature).

Area equipment


  • HP Cosmos treadmills (x2)
  • Woodway treadmills (x2)
  • Concept 2 Rowing Ergometer (x1)
  • Dansprint Kayak ergometer x1)
  • Lode Electronically braked cycle (EBC) ergometers (x2) Computrainer cycle trainer (x1)
  • Vasa swimming ergometer (x1)
  • SRM EBC ergometer (x1)

Breath gas analysis

  • Cosmed K42b Portable gas analyser (x1)
  • Vyntus gas analyser (x1)
  • Oxycon gas analysers (x2)
  • Servomex gas composition analyser (x3 / one per lab)
  • Harvard dry gas volume meter (x3 / one per lab)
  • Douglas bag gas collection systems (x8 as needed)

Blood sampling and analysis

  • Capillary and venous collection suites (x3) including all necessary collection, storage and disposal accessories
  • Near Infrared spectrometer (NIRS) (x2)
  • Hemocue Hb 201+ Haemoglobin analyser (x2)
  • Biosen (x3) and Reflotron (x1) multi biomarker analysers
  • Lactate pro plus (x2) analysers
  • Cardio check analyser (x1)
  • Accutrend plus lipid, glucose and lactate (x1)
  • Centrifuges (including Eppendorf) x3

Salivary analysis

  • IPRO lateral flow salivary biomarker analyser (x1)

Blood pressure analysis

  • Omron digital systolic and diastolic blood pressure monitor (SD-BPM) various units (x15)
  • Aneroid and Mercural Sphygmometers (x8)
  • Finger pulse Oxygen saturation oximeters (x4)

Heart rate analysis

  • Various Polar heart rate monitors and watches (or tablets) across the three physiology labs (Up to x20 sets).

Thermal metrology

  • Edale Instruments skin and rectal thermistors (probes and data loggers) x6 unit sets.


  • Microlab various spirometers (x9)


  • Osmocheck portable osmolality analyser (x3)

Performance tests

  • Various audio activity interventions including Yo-Yo, multi-stage fitness tests (MSFT), Chester step, Abdominal and walking tests.

Physiological intervention

  • Ischemic conditioning blood flow restriction (BFR) systems (x1).