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This facility consists of twelve preparation and cooking stations with comprehensive accessories allowing for the processing of all food and drink types.

The suite houses all of the necessary equipment for the safe preparation of Ergogenic Aids/Supplements commonly used as interventions within varying research activity. Portable booths can be set up to accommodate controlled participant testing, in conjunction with other facilities to achieve cross discipline teaching and research activities.

Area equipment

Dietary analysis

  • Food models (various)
  • Nutrition, dietetics and other similar posters (various)
  • Food packaging reference archive (various)

Food processing

  • Kitchen workstations (x12) including cooking appliances, kitchenware and serving/eating accessories.
  • Additional appliances including blenders, mixers, steamers and microwaves.

Supplements/Ergogenic aids

  • Top pan weighing scales (to four decimal places) (x2)
  • Capsule and sachet preparation equipment (various)
  • Maintained supplements consumables as needed.

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