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The Psychology programme houses both an anonymous observation (one-way mirror and sound) interview suite with relevant recording equipment, and a set of sensory controlled booths housing PC stations with capacity to run multiple cognitive function tests.

The use of TMS equipment is available in conjunction with cross-use of all other lab equipment to achieve multiple intervention research activity.

Area equipment

Behavioural/response analysis

  • One-way fully equipped observation suite (x1)
  • Environmentally controlled observation booths (x4)
  • Full range eye tracker system (x1)

Intervention/Neuroscience analysis

  • Full Magstim Neuro Prax TMS/tES system
  • Use of visual, thermal, humidity and oxygen controlled environmental chamber.
  • Wider use of Faculty resources including Biomechanics, Nutrition and clinical facilities.

Data analysis

Multiple software (fixed and mobile) stations, including use of E-Prime, Matlab, Super Lab and NVIVO.