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Preparing to study at St Mary's

1: Check the term dates

Term dates for 2019/20 are listed below. Some courses - such as our PGCE programmes - have different calendars. Further term date information is available.

Arrival day (pick-up service from Heathrow Airport and on-campus accommodation opens) 3rd September 2019 --
Semester 1 International Orientation 4th September 2019 6th September 2019
London walking tour and scavenger hunt 7th September 2019 --
Semester 1 Welcome Week 9th September 2019 15th September 2019
Semester 1 Teaching 16th September 2019 13th December 2019
Move out of on-campus accommodation by midday 15th December 2019 --
Christmas Break
Semester 1 Examination Period 6th January 2020 17th January 2020
Arrival day (pick-up service from Heathrow Airport and on-campus accommodation opens, study abroad only) 21st January 2020 --
Semester 2 International Orientation (study abroad only) 22nd January 2020 24th January 2020
London walking tour and scavenger hunt 25th January 2020 --
Semester 2 Teaching  27th January 2020

3rd April 2020

Easter Break
Semester 2 Teaching Continues 20th April 2020 22nd May 2020
Semester 2 Examination Period 11th May 2020 22nd May 2020
Move out of on-campus accommodation by midday 24th May 2020 --

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2: Apply for your visa

Ensure you apply for your visa (if necessary) well in advance of your course starting. Check our visa guidance for more information. You'll also need to pay your tuition fee deposit (if required) before we can issue the CAS you'll need to apply for your visa.

3: Find accommodation

Our students choose a variety of living options, from University accommodation to private housing in the green and leafy local area. Our Accommodation Office is a great source of information and we've also put together a guide of your accommodation options.

If you'll be living in private accommodation you may need to provide the name of a guarantor based in the UK. Our housing partner, Housing Hand, is available to provide this service.

4: Arrange insurance

If you live on campus, you will receive basic contents insurance to cover your possessions. This is provided to you automatically. We recommend that you also purchase travel insurance, which will cover you while you're travelling.

If you study at St Mary's for longer than six months you will pay the NHS surcharge. If you have paid this - or have a European Health Insurance Card - then you will be eligible to use NHS services for your medical care without additional charges.

If you don't qualify for free NHS care, then you will pay at the point of use for these medical services. It's very important that you purchase private health insurance before coming to the UK. When receiving medical treatment, you should ask for a receipt. You can submit this to your insurance provider, who will reimburse you in line with your insurance policy.

5: Enrol online

Before you arrive at St Mary's you'll need to enrol online. Instructions on how to do this will be sent to you nearer to when you begin your studies.

6: Pay your tuition fees onlines

The easiest way to pay your deposit and fees is through our online payment system.