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​Global peer mentor scheme

Build your CV, gain volunteering experience, make friends… Become a St Mary's Global Peer Mentor!

A Global Peer Mentor is a St Mary's student who volunteers to meet with incoming international students after they arrive in the UK. Global Peer Mentors are a social resource for international students – you will help them settle in, answer questions they might have about St Mary's/life in the UK, and be a familiar, friendly face on campus for them.

Who can be a Global Peer mentor?

Sign-ups are open to any and all full-time undergraduate or postgraduate students. There will be a short training session for accepted Global Peer Mentors.

What can being a Global Peer Mentor do for me?

Being a Global Peer Mentor will build your CV with valuable volunteering experience, broaden your horizons, and give your university experience an international flair – all from the comfort of St Mary's campus!

Global Peer Mentors will also receive additional counselling from the Careers and International departments on making the most of their experience and presenting it to future employers.

Apply to be a Global Peer Mentor

If you'd like to volunteer to be a mentor, please complete the Global Peer Mentor Application Form.

If you would like to be matched with a mentor who can settle in at St Mary's, please complete our mentee application form. 

For more information about the schem please contact