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Mahara is an open source e-portfolio system, hosted by our external partner, CoSector.                       

Mahara (formerly known as MyPortfolio) is St Mary's e-portfolio system which supports personalised and community learning for students and staff.

Mahara is used if students need to build an e-portfolio of work showing development and reflection of learning over time. It can showcase work, skills and achievements with peers, tutors and potential employers.

You can use Mahara to:

  • Encourage reflective writing and planning
  • Allow students to work on assignments over-time
  • Create formative or summative assessment and feedback
  • Develop authentic and deep learning
  • Make students aware of the personal and professional benefits of an e-portfolio beyond their course

Mahara can be accessed through the "My Courses" menu in Moodle. There is no need to sign in again. 

The full manual for our current version of Mahara is available here.  

Student training videos (useful for staff, too!) are available here.