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St Mary's University Receives Blessings from Pope Francis

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In a remarkable journey of spiritual enrichment, students and staff at St Mary’s University, Twickenham embarked on a Lenten pilgrimage to Rome under the guidance of our Chaplain, Fr Peter Newby.

This pilgrimage, marked by profound moments of reflection and prayer, culminated in an unforgettable encounter with His Holiness, Pope Francis.

On Wednesday 28th February, the Holy Father, Pope Francis graciously extended his greetings and blessings to the members of staff and students at St Mary's. This extraordinary moment took place during his weekly Catechesis to receive his words of wisdom and spiritual guidance.

For the students and staff present, it was a rare opportunity to be in the presence of the spiritual leader of the Catholic Church, whose messages of love, humility, compassion, and social justice resonate deeply with the values upheld by St Mary's University.

This week he focused on the topic of sins of envy and vainglory. He suggested the virtue of humility by forgiving each other, making ourselves less at the centre, embracing weakness, and letting God operate in our lives.

As we reflect on the blessings bestowed upon us by Pope Francis in this Lenten Season, let us carry forward the spirit of love, humility, and service instilled within us.

For those eager to experience the Pope's catechesis first-hand, the video recording can be accessed using this link. The blessing of Pope Francis to St Mary’s University can be found at the time stamp 26:55 minutes.

Let us cherish this moment of grace and carry its significance in our hearts as we journey onward in faith and love for one another.

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