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Media enquiries

For media enquiries, please contact our Senior Marketing and PR Executive, Sam Yarnold:
Tel: 020 8240 8262

Darren Nolan (PhD Student)

Areas of expertise: Childhood development in PE, sport and exercise

Darren is researching the development of life skills through PE in collaboration with the Palace for Life Foundation, the official charitable foundation of Crystal Palace Football Club.

Dr Yiannis Mavrommatis (Programme Director - MSc Nutrition and Genetics)

Areas of expertise: Nutrition and genetics (including nutrigenomics, nutrigenetics and personalised nutrition) In the news St Mary's Academic Leads Obesity Research at Food Matters Live Link: The ideas exchange: Genetics in Medicine and Nutrition Link:

Paul Hough (Senior Lecturer - Health and Exercise Science)

Areas of expertise: Exercise science, sport science, endurance (aerobic) training, resistance (weight) training, high intensity interval training (HIIT), exercise and nutrition for weight loss

Paul Hough is a lecturer in health and exercise science at St Mary’s University and have been practicing as a (BASES accredited) Sport and Exercise Scientist for seven years. He currently leads the sport/exercise science consultancy services at St Mary’s University, providing sport/exercise science support to elite and amateur athletes, members of the public, and various external organisations. His current areas of research interest are wearable health technology and HIIT.

Media Experience: Recorded/live TV interview, quote/interview for news/magazine, blog

Dr Dan Cleather (Programme Director - Strength and Conditioning)

Areas of expertise: Strength training, Olympic weightlifting, knee, anatomy, injury

Dan is a strength and conditioning coach and researcher. He is Programme Director of the MSc in Strength and Conditioning and Reader in Strength and Conditioning. In his research, he employs computer models of the functional anatomy of the leg in order to better understand movement.

Prof Philip Booth (Dean of Faculty - Education, Humanities and Social Sciences)

Areas of expertise: Economics, public policy, monetary Policy, business ethics, Catholic social teaching

Prof Philip Booth has previously worked as Academic and Research Director at the Institute of Economic Affairs, a leading public policy think tank as well as for Cass Business School and the Bank of England. He has published and commented widely on Catholic social teaching, public policy, financial regulation and pensions. Philip has frequently appeared before Parliamentary Select Committees on issues ranging from the future of the UK constitution to monetary and fiscal policy and foreign aid.

Media Experience: Radio interview, recorded/live/Skype TV interview, quote/interview for news/magazine article, blog, newspaper column, editorial

Dr Ryan Mahaffey (Senior Lecturer - Biomechanics and Performance Analysis)

Areas of expertise: Childhood obesity, Physical activity, Movement analysis, Biomechanical assessment of health and sport

Ryan's research expertise is in physical activity and function in childhood obesity, including internationally renowned peer-reviewed journal articles and conference presentations. Ryan has teaching, consulting and research expertise in analysis of movement analysis applied to health and sport applications, as well as teaching expertise in sports biomechanics.

Hayley Legg (Senior Lecturer - Strength and Conditioning)

Areas of expertise: Strength training/capacity for older adults, falls prevention, biomechanics of weight training

Hayley's PhD research focuses on the upper body strength capacity of older adults and how this relates to their ability to withstand a forward fall impact. In recent years, she has moved away from the performance aspect of S&C and is more interested in the health and long-term influence strength training can have on an aging population. Prior to this, Hayley was interested in the biomechanics of weight room activities. 

Media Experience: Interview for news/magazine article

Prof Glenn Richardson (Professor - History)

Areas of expertise: The Tudor monarchy, England's international relations in the sixteenth century, The Field of Cloth of Gold (1520), Cardinal Wolsey

Glenn has been interviewed for several TV and web-based programmes on various aspects of Tudor and 16th-century European history for a range of British and international media outlets. He has also done several radio interviews on the same subjects and written short pieces for magazines of general historical interest. Glenn is a frequent and experienced public speaker and was, for a time, a tour leader/lecturer on historical tours in various parts of Italy and France.

Languages (other than English): French (passable, not fluent)
Media Experience: Radio interview, recorded/Skype TV interview, quote for news/magazine article, blog

Dr André Azevedo Alves (Reader - Economics Political Economy and Public Policy)

Areas of expertise: Public finance, political economy, South West Europe (Portugal, Spain), EU politics, Brazil

Dr André Alves, in addition to his position at St Mary's, is also the Coordinator of the Research Centre of the Institute for Political Studies at the Catholic University of Portugal. He has published and regularly commentates on public finance and political and economic issues focusing on the European Union (and particularly South West Europe) and Brazil.

Languages (other than English): Portuguese, Spanish
Media Experience: Radio interview, Skype TV interview, quote/interview for news/magazine article, blog, newspaper column, editorial

Dr Jamie North (Associate Dean - Research and Enterprise)

Areas of expertise: Expert performance, Perceptual-cognitive skill, Anticipation, Decision-making

Specifically, Jamie's work focuses on the study of expertise and examining the perceptual and cognitive processes that underpin expert performance and decision-making. He is also interested in factors that influence the acquisition of skill and contribute towards the development of expertise across domains.

Dr Elisabetta Canetta (Programme Director - Applied Physics)

Areas of expertise: Cell biomechanics, tissue engineering, human tissue growth/regeneration, artificial limbs, food technology

Elisabetta's expertise is in biomechanics (primarily at the cellular and tissue level), tissue engineering (development of scaffolds and materials for human tissue growth and regeneration for injury repairing), development of new designs and materials for artificial limbs (including Paralympic Athletes) and food technology (in particular, effects of physical and chemical stresses on food textures, biomechanics and biochemistry of food products, microbiology).

Languages (other than English): Italian, French
Media Experience: Quote/interview for news/magazine article, blog, editorial

Ann Kennedy (Associate Dean - Student Experience)

Areas of expertise: Nutrition, sports nutrition

Ann Kennedy's background is in nutrition and, more specifically, sports nutrition. She has written many articles for non-scientific press including Men's Health, Which Health, Horse and Hound and Rugby World. Ann has also provided radio interviews in relation to her previous work with National and International sports teams such as The British Equestrian Team, British Shooting, British Swimming, British Gymnastics and England Netball.

Media Experience: Radio interview, quote/interview for news/magazine article, article for non-scientific press

Dr Trevor Stammers (Reader - Bioethics)

Areas of expertise: Medical ethics, organ donation and transplantation ethics, euthanasia and asssisted suicide, gene editing, 3 parent IVF

Dr Trevor Stammers has done hundreds of interviews on radio and television over the past thirty years on a wide range of bioethical topics from cryopreservation of bodies to ectogenesis (gestating babies outside a mother's womb). Dr Stammers has written chapters for both Cambridge and Oxford University Press on conscientious objection in medicine, organ donation euthanasia and organ markets and organ trafficking. He is also the Editor-In-Chief of The New Bioethics.

Media Experience: Radio interview, recorded/live/Skype TV interview, quote/interview for news/magazine article, blog, newspaper column, editorial

Dr Phil Price (Senior Lecturer - Strength and Conditioning Science)

Areas of expertise: Strength & Conditioning, Osteoarthritis

Phil’s specialist areas are: Lower limb function, performance and injury. Understanding injury mechanisms, and musculoskeletal modelling. Phil is currently investigating the following areas

  • Determinants of lower limb injury
  • Understanding ACL injury mechanisms using musculoskeletal modelling
  • Mechanical factors effecting explosive performance (Jumps, Sprints etc)
  • Mechanics of Paralympic Powerlifting

Dr Nicola Brown (Programme Director - Research)

Areas of expertise: Breast health and education, women's health, body composition assessment, obesity

Dr Nicola Brown has considerable media experience, including national and international print and broadcast media, relating to her expertise in women's health and breast education.

Media Experience: Radio interview, quote/interview for news/magazine article, blog, newspaper column

Dr Maria Mellins (Senior Lecturer - Film and Screen Media and Criminology and Sociology)

Areas of expertise: True crime, gothic and horror media, representations of violence against women and girls, stalking and homicide.

Dr Maria Mellins research focuses on how myths about supernatural creatures - including mermaids and vampires - are reimagined in contemporary media. Her novel, Returning Eden (Crooked Cat, 2016) is a young adult gothic fairy tale set in contemporary England. Her last non-fiction book Vampire Culture (Bloomsbury, 2013) draws on interviews and observations of vampire community activities and investigates the recent rise in interest in vampire media. Dr Mellins also has an interest in horror, gothic and cult film and TV.

Media Experience: Radio interview, live TV interview, quote/interview for news/magazine article,blog, editorial